Cleartrip’s path-breaking announcement in Mobile space?


I just received an invitation from Cleartrip for their Bangalore Blogger’s meet – and looks like Cleartrip is going to announce something path-breaking (Cleartrip native apps?) on various mobile platforms including iPhone, Android as well as Blackberry.

The invitation sent to us did not give any details other than a single line:

Cleartrip cordially invites you for a path breaking announcement in the mobile space.

I am not sure if native mobile app in itself is a path breaking announcement or they have anything else which they are planning to announce. The invite sent to us had following image, which also does not give any idea about what “path-breaking” is in hold for us.


If you look at the above image – one can make out Cleartrip is planning to announce a native mobile app on 3 platforms – Android, iOS and Blackberry. And the new cleartrip app may come with lots of bells and whistles. But more than that, it’s anybody guess…

Cleartrip already has a HTML 5 mobile optimized site (those screenshots are from their mobile site), so I am sure it may be more than just native app announcement.

If any of the readers have any idea as to what is on anvil – do drop in a comment. We will update this post when we get updates tomorrow.

  1. anon says

    So what was it about ? care to update the post ?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I did not care to post because it was absolutely nothing – They just launched international booking on mobile, which essentially using the same HTML 5 site which they launched last year…. really nothing to write about…
      It was just..hawaa…Air :)

  2. Dharuna Manivannan says

    write once run everywer.. :)cool

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