Google’s Nexus Tablet may revolutionize Tablet Market


Google is expected to announce its low cost Nexus tablet today at its flagship I/O Conference and this tablet may really shake up the tablet market worldwide due to its expected low pricing factor. If the rumors are to be believed, The 7 inch Google Nexus is expected to cost around USD 199 or roughly about Rs. 11,000/-.

Yes, there are tons of tablet out there that cost half of that – however, the most important factor is the specifications that Google Nexus Tablet is expected to offer at that rate.

Based on various media reports, The Nexus tablet will have top of the line features which include powerful 1.3Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, GeForce 12-core GPU and 1GB of RAM. Now, these kind of specs are currently available only on couple of tablets (if at all) and those tablets are priced 3 times of what Nexus tablet is expected to cost.

According to Gizmodo Australia, who got their hands on Nexus Tablet’s training document detailing exactly what’s going to be in the new tablet and how much it’s going to cost , it will come in 2 storage variants 8Gb and 16Gb. The 8Gb variant is expected to be priced at USD 199/- (Rs. 11000) and 16GB variant is expected to be USD 249/- (Rs. 13750).

Google Nexus[Image Source] 

The tablet will have host of other top-of-the-line features as well. The 7inch screen of Nexus Tablet will have IPS display with a 178-degree viewing angle, running a resolution of 1280×800. The device will come with 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, primarily for purposes of video-conferencing. It will not  have any rear cameras as Google does not think tablet can serve good as a normal camera like more portable phones can.

The Nexus tablet will come with latest version of Google, Jelly Bean and will feature NFC and run Google Wallet (probably only in the US) and Android Beam.

Google has partnered with Asus as the hardware manufacturer for this tablet, as it has done with Samsung previously for its Nexus Phones.

Google Nexus Tablet may revolutionize Tablet Market globally

Now, before I comment, keep in mind that the pricing and details of Google Nexus Tablet are still rumors and it may happen that nothing of what has been written above may be true. However, if at all it turns out to be a reality, it may seriously change the Tablet Market in India as well as worldwide.

Lets take an example of Aakash – When Aakash was announced at Rs. 2276, although the low specs were criticized, it showed the entire world that a working tablet at that cost was possible. It set the benchmark for pricing. Then we had slew of other Android tablets which came in at sub Rs. 5k pricing.

Similarly, today Apple and other A-list tablet manufacturers have set the tone for tablet pricing. Most consumers expect good-spec branded tablets to cost no less than Rs. 25,000. However, if Google Nexus comes at Rs. 11k and has specifications that are un-rivaled, it will force all other tablet manufacturers to cut their pricing to match that of Nexus Tablet.

And with A-list Branded tablet pricing coming at Rs. 10k range, there will be pressure of current “cheap tablet (read Chinese)” manufacturers to drop their pricing further…

With that, tablets may come in grasp of nearly every consumer creating a huge new market.

What’s your take? Would love to hear your thoughts on this…

  1. BGRed says

    Hi All and Arun,
    N I’m using an iPad2, AND a Samsung 7″ tablet, both with 3G facility, for last 1.5 years and I totally agree with your point that without internet a tablet is 90% useless.
    The only offline ‘use’, when the 3G network fails or is not available, is relief that I can now shut the tablet and relax!!!
    Seriously, the 10% uses –
    1) to re-watch downloaded videos/ movies, or 2) there is just one GPS app which does not need internet. 3) write notes, 4) access some previously downloaded documents as offline, in Google docs/drive, Dropbox, or Goodreader app(iOS only),
    and.. hmmm…that’s it.

  2. Rakesh Roshan says

    I think this is certainly going to be proved a revolution in tablet market & will change to current price slab of tablets…
    Thnx to google for this revolutionary idea & hope soon this tablet will be available in India.

  3. ksavai says

    Currently I own iPad just bcoz its best value for money as of now. But this 7″ tablet with such great specs and awesome price change the equation for me. And I do agree sometime 10″ is little big for my comfort but 10″ and 7″ both have their pro and cons, It will come down to personal preference.

    What is current price for 7″ samsung tab? next version or price down will be interesting move as well as 10″ nexus also possibility if this gets good response.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Ksavai – I do not agree – iPad is NOT value for money at all. Yes, it has the ultimate UX, but it is an entertainment device more than anything. On the other hand Android tablets are far more useful (yes, they are a bit geeky) – but the user experience is improving…

      And about size – There is not doubt that 7 inch is the correct size… Like one other commentator suggested, I might as well go for a netbook instead of lugging around 3 pound 10 inch tablet…that just does not cut it..

  4. Yash Gadhiya says

    7" screen is total fail for tablet. It's only marginally better than mobiles which now offer 4" screens and even more. One of the reasons why iPad is no 1 is because Apple figures out a tablet had to have a minimum screen of 9 inches. The fact that MS also decided on a 10.6" screen, is a testimony to the fact. Most sites these days are designed for wide screen monitors. At 7 inches the display is either too small for comfort or there is horizontal scrolling – killing the reading experience.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I do not agree with you here. Infact, I think 7 inch is the perfect size for a tablet. 9 and 10 inch tablets cannot be held in hand for more than 30 mins…they are awkward to work with.
      Look at any survey and you will see that 7 inch is the perfect size for a tablet.
      And if reading was an issue Kindle with its 6 inch would never have been e-reader. I would never go with anything above 8inch for a tablet. It is just not portable enough for me..

      1. Rohit says

        I agree Arun. 7″ is the perfect size for a tablet where it fits in the back pocket of denim too. I’ve been using my 7″ tablet since last 6 months & no complain at all. Anything bigger than 7″ is worthless. I’d better carry a 10.1″ netbook.

        My flyer has got a 1.5GHz processor 32GB internal memory & 1GB RAM. It costed around $550 with shipping 6 months back but now available at $270 on amazon.
        Looking at the price factor, GPU & resolution I bet Google nexus will be a steal at this rate (if).

        BTW windows tablet (surface) may be a good netbook replacement when it comes :)

        1. Arun Prabhudesai says

          Rohit – Even for Windows Surface, the pricing is going to be the key. If the pricing is beyond USD 400 then it will severely bring down the market size for them especially out side US. If they manage to keep it somewhere around USD 300 then I guess then we will see tough competition between Google Nexus, Windows Surface and iPad (I think they will bring down their pricing as well)

    2. says

      Arun Prabhudesai Why Ipad is such a big hit because of its multiple usage and especially business usage. At 10 inch you can can easily create your presentations, worksheets, documents etc but on 7 inch office work is like a nightmare. Go for 7 inch tablet if you are buying it for reading or timepassing stuff

    3. Yash Gadhiya says

      Exactly my point. 7" is good enough for an e reader. But for a tablet to be complete alternative to a computer it needs have a larger screen.

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