Telecom News Buzz: Vodafone’s launches unlimited Intnl’ roaming package & more..


Telecom News Roundup

Vodafone launches Cheap International Roaming package for its Mobile users

Vodafone has set the ball rolling by launching an international roaming package that will be more than 60% cheaper compared to existing rates. According to the press release, customers travelling to multiple countries can avail of this new single pack on one number and one-time rental, making international roaming a worry-free and cost effective experience. The offer is activated on a minimal one-time rental fee of Rs.1,499 valid for 30 days, the rental for which will be charged in the customer’s bill. The biggest thing is that there is no limit on the usage of this pack, making this offer extremely cost effective.

International calling is one area where Indian telecom providers have not given much importance. However, with Vodafone launching, I expect other providers to come up with similar plans as well.

Next iPhone to have NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is steadily gaining popularity over past 18 to 24 months and If article is to be believed, the new iPhone is expected to have NFC chips and antenna. Folks over at 9to5mac investigated the hardware code dump of new iPhones and have come to a conclusion that NFC controllers in iPhone are directly connected to Power Management Unit.

Although in India, iPhone penetration is quite low, in countries like US and UK it is extremely popular and with NFC coming on iPhone, it will be major boost to the technology which has been written off by many experts.

Mobile App Truecaller may have harvested over 100 Mln Indian Mobile numbers

Have your heard about truecaller mobile app? Essentially, it is phone book manager app on nearly all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia & Windows. When the mobile user installs the app, all their phone book contacts are pulled to the centralized server. The app’s database, essentially, is a giant, collective phone book.

Truecaller then allows users to search for the user based on his / her mobile number. According to a report in ET, mobile numbers of nearly every Indian Cabinet minister, heads of intelligence agencies such as the Intelligence Bureau and Department of Revenue Intelligence, and CEOs of India’s largest companies are all on the database.

Truecaller has its biggest customer base in India with 1.6 million users. Even if one assumes that each user has an average of 100 mobile numbers stored, over 160 million mobile numbers with names are stored in Truecaller’s database.

This is definitely a security breach, as names and mobile numbers of people are getting saved without their knowledge!

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