Weekly Wrap-up: E-Challans, IT Return Filing, PE Investments & more…


Hope all our trak.in readers had a great weekend – It is a start of a new week and time for us to quickly take an overview of what happened last week before we move forward. Check out some of the interesting posts of last week.


Google released its half-yearly transparency report on content removal requests -  Indian Government made total of 255 content removal requests and Google complied roughly 29% of the requests given.

Tablet prices are falling – But some tablet manufacturers claim tablet prices to be so low that one wonders if it is all a big fraud.

After a very successful pilot in Chennai, Delhi Police have now implemented E-Challan system. The traffic Police in Delhi will use it for various traffic violations as well as to keep historical data of drivers.

Bigflix and Reliance Mobile have got together to offer its mobile users movies on mobile for just Rs. 30 a month.

One of the biggest news discussed by various media sites last week was the announcement of Windows Surface tablet by Microsoft.

Bharti Softbank is betting big in mobile space in India. After recent acquisition of hoppr.com, they have now partnered with Yahoo Japan to launch Mobile Internet Portal that will offer content, product and services to mobile users in India.

This is income tax return filing season and if you are looking for a error free and easy IT return filings, you must follow these fool-proof 7 formulas.

Sony has finally bought its Android based Smartwatch in India.

Godaddy has come to India – Not only that, they have appointed their first-ever international executive, Rajiv Sodhi,  in the history GoDaddy to aggressively grow in India.

And as is the tradition, here is look at all the funding, PE, M&A and other deals that happened in India in the previous week.

Although the value of Private Equity Investments in India has increased in first half of 2012, the number of deals that were struck have gone down. While, in terms of dollar terms deal values grew by 57%, the number of deals came down from 120 to 91 as compared to previous quarter.

In a rare glimpse of the what happens at Facebook behind the scenes, they have released an interesting infographic that gives you an overview of the content reporting process at Facebook.

It is expected that India’s BFSI sector will double its IT adoption in 2012.

Here is an interesting article on HTC’s decision to launch 2 flagship products at same time – HTC One S & HTC One X – The question is, can two Flagships survive on a single brand?

It is a known fact that Indian Americans are well-off tribe. A recent survey also shows that Indian Americans earn highest among all Asian Americans in USA.

Reverse Logistics is one of the big issues facing the Indian Ecommerce Industry. Here is a look at what ecommerce companies in India need to do when they put out there return policies.

Finally the sense has prevailed – The Madras High Court has clarified that ISPs should only block urls and not the entire site incase of content copyright violations.

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