Sony Smartwatch Set to Launch in India Shortly


The giant electronics manufacturer has announced the launch of its new product in India, the Sony SmartWatch. This nifty little gadget has been doing the rounds in international circuits, and is slated for a release date of July, priced at an affordable Rs 6299.

The launch was announced on the Sony India Facebook page, and judging from reader comments, it is set to be picked up by tech enthusiasts and the young crowd alike.

 sony smartwatch

The Sony SmartWatch comes in a variety of colours: a fun pink, azure aquamarine, and official-looking navy blue. This device essentially lets you control your phone without having to whip it out when you want to carry out arbitrary functions such as reading SMS’s and emails, and accessing social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

This stylish and trendy watch boasts a multi-touch colour OLED display, which weighs in at a featherweight 15.5 g. You’ll also be able to receive or mute calls right from the watch’s interface, and with Bluetooth capability that lets you access your android phone, you get the convenience of not being eternally tethered to your phone.

The wristbands are interchangeable, giving you complete control of your personal style on a day-to-day basis. This also means that you can choose an appropriate wristband for work, and another one for a night of fun in the city.

The chromed edges ensure its durability, and an e-ink display delivers just enough contrast to make it visible even in direct sunlight. The face is multi-touch screen, making it easy to navigate through the various apps available on the interface. If you tap the watch twice, you’ll be able to access the current time. A simple swipe will display widgets that let you use the apps available on the phone watch screen.

One downside to this gadget is the fact that it doesn’t answer calls, due to the fact that it lacks a microphone. The next best thing to answering a phone call would be to pre-program a text message which will be sent to a caller when they try reaching you. This is especially important if you’re in a social setting and want to screen your calls and focus on more pressing commitments on hand.

The battery life of the Sony SmartWatch lasts for an impressive four days, which makes it handy when you’re travelling. It comes equipped with a USB charger, and additional accessories such as extra wristbands are also available which are sold separately.

The Sony SmartWatch, which had its US debut in April, is appropriately priced for the average Indian who wants to be seen and stamp his individuality on the scene. The watch can be synced to both android iPhone platforms, and has a 3-axis accelerometer.

The fact that it’s packed with all these great features makes it a steal for the entry price, and will be a hit in no time. The media player lets you access music and FM radio stations, turning it into a multifunctional accessory.

This is Sony’s new baby on the block, and from the booming success of the Xperia line of phones in the country, we can only expect that the Sony SmartWatch will capture the hearts and minds of millions of tech-savvy Indians.

Would be interesting to know what the readers think about Sony Smartwatch – Do let us know in comments.

[About Author: Ajit Debdan is an avid techie and blogger who has a passion for the internet and new technologies for the Asian continent. He currently lives in Delhi with his wife of four years, Rashmi. He is a writer for Degree Jungle, an online resource for college students.]

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