Bharti Softbank and Yahoo Japan to launch Mobile Internet Portal


We will start hearing these kind of news more often going forward…especially in India.

Telecom Operators in India have recently slashed mobile internet rates to a very large extent, which has made it possible for a common mobile user to use mobile internet without worrying about high bills. Companies like Reliance and Airtel have dropped their 3G data pricing by as much as 90% bringing affordability to Indian masses.

On the other hand, India has 900 million strong mobile subscriber base, many of whom are moving to smartphones at rapid pace. Again, thanks to falling smartphone prices. It is a common knowledge that India has skipped the PC revolution and more number of Indians today access internet from their mobile phones rather than Desktop computers. Infact, India has highest percentage of mobile users accessing internet in the world today.

With these main two ingredients in place, the most important aspect remains that of mobile content. Millions of Indian mobile internet users need good mobile content and hence we will soon see mad rush of companies creating mobile content for Indian mobile subscribers.

Taking note of this opportunity, Bharti Softbank is rapidly making strides towards creating a mobile content ecosystem. Couple of weeks back, BSB announced 49% acquisition of, a mobile location based service provider. Now, they have announced an even bigger partnership with Yahoo! Japan.


Yahoo Japan is No. 1 internet portal in Japan and currently over 20% of their usage is from mobile phones. They obviously have rich experience in Internet portal space.

This partnership will surely enable BSB to tap immense growth opportunities and further its focus on Indian mobile market.

Although, the announcement does not clearly state the kind of mobile content it will offer, it is safe to assume that with Yahoo’s partnership it will not be limited to one vertical. The partnership will offer array of mobile content and services focused on Indian mobile users.

The announcement also states that BSB will be tying up various Indian mobile Operators to bring mobile content to users. So, the BSB mobile offerings may come and Value Added services from Operators making it a win-win situation for both.

Like I said earlier, mobile content is probably going to be the next big thing in Indian mobile market and we will be seeing more and more companies bringing in diversified mobile content to feed the appetite of Indian mobile internet users.

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