The Mighty yet Cheap Amazon [Infographic]


Amazon is probably one of the oldest Ecommerce stores to survive to flourish – It is 16 years old and was started back in 1994. Today it is the biggest online retailer in the world with USD 48 million dollars in revenue.

But how did it grow so big? Unlike Apples, Facebooks & Googles of the world, Amazon is not known for its work culture, glitzy offices and all that. Infact, it is exactly the opposite. Amazon’s mantra has been “offering lowest costs to customers” and to achieve that it cuts cost in every way possible.

The following infographic, created by folks at MBA Online depict how Amazon & their employees work. Amazon is mighty, we all know that – but it cut costs wherever possible. The latter part of Infographic is especially revealing…Check it out…



So for all the Amazon’s wannabe out there, here is what you need to look at – Cut your costs in everyway possible, deliver the goods at lowest cost to customers and there are high chances you may hit the big league!

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