Weekly Wrap-up: Aakash tab clarification, Enterprise Mobility & more…


Its start of yet another awesome week and before we start for our daily dose of news and views, lets take a quick look at some of the buzzing posts that featured on trak.in last week.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: FB promoted posts, Chromebox, NTP 2012 & more

Your personal brand is probably your biggest asset as well integral part of your online Identity – Here are MUST READ 6 tips on personal branding.

Did you know that Indian PC’s are better protected against Viruses and Trojans as compared to more developed countries like USA & Japan.

Here is our coverage of the all the funding, mergers, acquisition and Private Equity deals that happened in the previous fortnight.

Most of the Indians, especially the students, are frustrated with delay in delivery of Aakash Tablets. Here is an official clarification from MHRD, which is basically a clarification to the article written by Mr. Parthasarathy  slamming Aakash Tablet.

Pune based Programr.com, who provide online platform for coding have now launched iOS labs, where developers can directly code any iOS app completely online.

Vuclip, an online mobile video platform has now started offering Indian TV shows directly on mobile. Now any mobile phone even with slower internet connection can watch video clips on their mobile phones.

Indians are generally know to work long hours as compared to their western counterparts. However, in recent times, Indians have started improving their work-life balance, which really augurs well for healthy living.

The way Google is launching new products and services it seems that Google world will soon take over our online lives… that’s how much dependent we are on Google.

Here is a comprehensive infographic on Enterprise Mobility. If you have not had a look at it as yet, check it out…

Now you don’t necessarily need to be in front on the TV to watch Olympics 2012. Youtube has partnered with IOC to beam Olympics live on Youtube throughout the tournament.

The hacker group Annonymous has been staging frequent attacks on Government websites and ISP recently to protest against their new policies. Here is an open letter issued by them to Government as well as journalists and Bloggers.

Facebook, Google and other sites have got yet another notice from Indian High court in regards to PIL filed against them.

Airtel users can watch the much talked about UEFA Euro 2012 on mobile, as they have landed exclusive rights for beaming it on their network…

Here is a really insightful article on the steps taken by Nokia and Blackberry reverse their falling market share. But only time will tell whether they will be successful or not.

If you want to build a sustainable online presence, you need to know about these 4 fundamental pillars to make it successful.

This calculator will be immensely beneficial to thousands of people out there who are wondering whether to buy a Diesel or Petrol car.

A young Pune startup has built Saga, an android based IPTV device that will convert your online TV into a smart TV.

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