Enterprise Mobility [Infographic]


Use of Smartphones and Tablet devices is becoming increasingly important in Corporate world. Simply put, Enterprise Mobility means use of Mobile devices to achieve certain business goals by putting processes & technologies in place.

Folks over at Purpletalk, the company behind [x]cube labs, sent us a comprehensive Infographic giving overview of how Enterprise Mobility is steadily gaining importance.

One very interesting aspect given in the Infographic is how Blackberry, which was probably the go-to-platform for enterprises till now, is falling off the radar. Android on the other hand, supposedly more consumer focused platform is now increasingly favored by enterprises as well. In next 24 months, it is expected that Android will become the most popular platform amongst enterprises.

[If you find it difficult to read some parts of this Infographic, Click on it to see bigger version]



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    Technology is playing a vital role in our day-to- day life not only in personal life but also in enterprises. Many businesses are growing because of the efficiency increased due to of these technologies.

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