Programr launches Online iOS development


Pune based, an online coding platform, has launched what it calls world’s first online iPhone/iPad lab!


Since its launch last year Programr has steadily added support for various programming languages that include

Console:  C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, VB
Web:  PHP, Javascript, ASP.NET, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JQuery, AJAX.
Rich media: Flex, Flash, Processing
Desktop: Java Swing

Couple of months back, they launched support for online Android development where users could create Android apps online.

Now with launch of iOS lab, developers can now build iOS apps from scratch. Programr’s online iOS lab empowers users to learn and practice coding of iPhone/iPad apps right in the browser. Users get to code their apps completely online in Objective-C and the Apple SDK. Apps created by users can be viewed online, shared on Facebook / twitter and even embedded anywhere on the web (just like youtube videos)

Here is an embedded iOS App – Password Generator

The apps created in iOS lab are true native iOS apps and can be run on actual iPhone / iPad devices and can be submitted to the Apple App Store too.

Salient features iOS lab:

  1. Code, compile and run true native iPhone/iPad apps right in the browser. (No Mac required, no iPhone required, No install required! User can code & run their iOS apps from a PC, linux box, or even a cheap Android tablet!)
  2. Learn iOS coding skills by browsing and running the code of other user-contributed apps.
  3. Fork and enhance each other’s apps too, for better learning.
  4. Share & embed your iOS creations anywhere on the web (eg: like the one give above)
  5. (Coming up) Full-fledged paid iOS programming course – with theory, runnable examples, objective tests and lab exercises.

Overall, I think programr has done well to support so many different languages including both the major mobile development platforms – Android & iOS. It sure can be termed as a developer’s playground.

Give it a try and let us know what you feel.

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