83% Indian PC’s protected against Viruses, ahead of US, Japan!


This one is a surprising finding – According to Mcafee’s latest security report, Indian consumers better protect their PC against virus compared to Americans and Japanese.

The report released by MacAfee finds that globally one in every six personal computers have zero protection: 17% of those scanned either had disabled or nonexistent anti-virus software.

While Finland had the highest percentage of protected personal computers, Singapore was the lowest with 21.75% of consumers unprotected.

It is interesting to note that large number (82.67%) of Indians have their PCs installed with Anti-virus & security software to fight against new age virus.


Country Ranking by Percentage of Consumers Protected



Finland 90.30


Italy 86.20


Germany 85.55


New Zealand 85.22


Denmark 85.00


France 84.80


Brazil 84.50


Australia 84.30


Netherlands 84.20

Norway 84.20


UK 83.52


Malaysia 83.20


Sweden 83.05


Philippines 82.87


India 82.67


Korea 82.42

Ireland 82.42


Canada 82.10


China 82.00


Japan 80.65

US 80.65


Mexico 79.40


Spain 78.67


Singapore 78.25

The most surprising statistic of all was that United States ranked in the bottom 5 least protected, with close 19.32% of consumers living without even basic security. Comparatively, Finland had only 9.7% consumers

The country with the highest percentage of basic security protection was Finland, with only 9.7% of consumer PCs unprotected.

Additionally, Consumers globally say 27% of their digital files would be “impossible to restore” at all if lost, and not backed up properly, and had an average value of $10,014 US.

Country Ranking with %age of Consumers without any Security Software Installed


According to the report, many PC consumers still think that if they stick to to known “safe” sites, they’ll be protected from all forms of malicious content. However, that is far from truth. With hackers starting to use more and more sophisticated methods, nothing on internet is “Safe”.

  1. Swayam Das says

    Nice post but this statistics has been drawn from which antivirus software data?

  2. Vivek Kumar says

    good to know that we are ahead from us in some thing…then it could be using of antivirus so anything else.

  3. Gaurav Jhamb says

    I think the survey ignores the OS of the user…if its a mac u probably don't need an anti virus which explains why US ranks lower than India!

  4. Gaurav Jhamb says

    I think the survey ignores the OS of the user…if its a mac u probably don't need an anti virus which explains why US ranks lower than India!

  5. Sayan Sen says

    That is great! :-)

  6. Pradeep Kolanu says

    However antivirus slows down the pc but it protects also from virus which may crash your hard disk or may corrupt important data. So it better to use antivirus rather than to cry for the loss.

  7. Puneet says

    I haven’t found any of the anti-virus useful till now. Tried so many but my PC always gets virus.

  8. Tushar Singh says

    antivirus is shit. I don't use any antivirus either….to protect yourself, you just need awareness, knowledge and a firewall. But antivirus? no way!

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