Facebook Addiction [Infographic]


Facebook addiction is a very serious trend, especially among the younger generation. If you find yourself checking Facebook on your phone at every few minutes, there is a high chance that you are afflicted to FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Infact, studies have shown that Alcohol, Tobacco, Sleep and Sex  may all be easier to resist compared to Facebook.

And the addiction is directly proportional to the number of followers you have. More the friends, more the addiction, more the stress.

Folks over at rehab-international.org recently put together an interesting infographic giving details about Facebook Addiction and how users can find out whether they have it and how they can overcome it. I am sure our readers, especially Facebook users will love this infographic.

Facebook Addiction: Fact or Fad


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And if you are a twitter user thinking, that you are not an addict like FB users, think again. There is something called FTAD, which means Facebook Twitter Addiction Disorder!

So are you addicted?

  1. Anonymous says

    You can become a Facebook addict without even noticing it. You can find out more about the common Facebook addiction signs and symptoms at http://www.healthmattersnow.info/alcohol-addiction/facebook-addiction-disorder-its-signs-and-symptoms/.

  2. Shobha says

    Nice article Arun!! I am not sure if the users are really aware of the addiction. Your article might be a check whether user is a FAD or not …

  3. Krishan Dutt says

    The figures must be more harrowing in Indian context. But I know Arun got it from some other site :-)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Like I have mentioned they are from rehab international website… I have given the source… Yes, Indians on Facebook probably have more FAD as compared to other countries –

    2. Krishan Dutt says

      Very true ! probably it would far more interesting to create a true picture about Indian scenario

  4. Muraleedharan Vaidyar says

    You may have any number of friends. Invite them to your self created group. The group as one entity and yourself. you shall never miss the communication. FB never give stress.

  5. Swapnil Narvekar says

    "More the friends, more the addiction, more the stress"..i did understand the link.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      When you have more friends on Facebook or twitter… you want to update it all the time… you want to interact more…and you go out of the way…as you think your friends expect more from you..

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