Weekly Wrap-up: Popular Gadgets, Mobile Banking Adoption, PC Market Share & more…


Here is an overview of all the popular posts that were published on trak.in last week!

For a professional, Linkedin is probably the biggest platform for creating a personal brand – Here is how you can brand yourself on Linkedin!

If you are a new entrepreneur, this post will really help you – Critical Clauses that you should be aware of in a Shareholder’s agreement.

Indian Residential and commercial property market is at all time high, however, according to a new survey, Indian’s prefer second hand properties over new ones…

Customers are the king in any business – As cliché as it sounds, that’s a hard fact. You have to delight them, if you want to win them!

Ebay India recently published survey on popular gadgets and brands that Indians prefer. Samsung has taken lead in India, especially in Mobile & Television category.

Mobile Banking is one of the most popular activities that Indians carry out on their mobile. Infact, India has the highest mobile banking adoption in the world.

We put together a very interesting infographic last week based on findings from mysmartprice.com – The Indian Ecommerce Market Infographic.

Even with all the negative factors that Indian Economy is grappling with currently, it is expected to grow at decent 7.5% in year 2012 according to findings from ESCAP.

Airtel has partnered with Axis Bank to bring in Airtel Money Super Account which will enable millions to bank seamlessly on mobile phones.

Looks like Indians are moving away from traditional approach of going in for same career as their Education. A study finds that many pursue careers which are very different from the education they have acquired.

Here is a look at Global Mobile Handset market in 2012 – The mobile sales have actually declines, but smartphone growth has been fierce.

With smartphones proliferating faster, they are turning more and more gimmicky… or are they?

Finally looks like the much needed slashing of 3G data prices has taken place with Airtel leading with a solid 70% tariff cut on the 3G data plans.

Indian Postal Department has tied up with 8 new agencies to make Indian post offices as point of sale for various different offerings, which includes railway ticket bookings, mobile recharges, International money transfer and more…

Indian PC market has grown 7.7% in first quarter of 2012 and Lenovo has beaten Dell to become the top pc manufacturer in India.

And here is a look at all the Indian Funding, Private equity, M&A deals that were executed in previous week.

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