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Per Capita Consumption of Electricity in India [State-wise Chart]

Government of India recently released per capita consumption of Electricity in India and it makes for an an interesting reading. 

The State of Goa (2004.77 kWh) & Puducherry (1864.5 kWh) account for maximum per capita consumption of electricity. While states of Bihar (117.48 kWh), Manipur ( 207.15 kWh) & Assam (209.20 kWh) show the lowest per capita consumption. The National Average per capita electricity consumption is 778.63.

consumption of Electricity

15 states in India show lower annual per capita power consumption in comparison of national average!

The above graph does not include 2 Union Territories – Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu – as the consumption of electricity in both these places is ten times that of National average. One of the reasons being that these are ports & Industrial places with very less residential consumption of Electricity. So the figure in those 2 UT’s show unusually high.

It is interesting to note that on national level, India’s energy consumption is already one of the lowest in the world. And if you consider states like Bihar, they live on fraction of electricity as compared to developed world!

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  1. what is limit of power consumption of any state from power grid in india

  2. from where did you get these data?? it would be very kind of you if you could mail me the data source ( document ) and year

  3. Atleast, we Biharis are at one extreme. But Mr Bhide, you proud state Maharastra is in the middle i.e. a mediocre state when it comes to per capita energy consumption. Waise bhi shayad you know ki hamare Desh me Biach walo ko kya kehte hai…..

  4. needs to encourage rural energy sytem…. by making every rural population (villages,communities) self sustained..!!

  5. need more business tricks.

  6. Seems Biharis are so busy working in other states that there is no body left to work there.. so lowest!

  7. Aniket Agshikar

    Goa has more urban regions than most other states. Also goan population is lower. This report doesn't show the total consumption, it is per capita consumption i.e. Total Power Consumption / Total Population.

  8. Biswa Prakash Samanta


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