Customers: Delight them, to win them!


The Instagram story amused many. What amused me was not the amount of money that went in to its acquisition but how delightful were the users.

However, building a good product and just that is not going to always win you happy customers, at least not in a SaaS business, wherein you need to keep delighting the existing ones so that you could get few more.

Couple of nights ago, I had a huge discussion with my colleagues on how delighting customers is the most important metric to determine a successful business. Here are the outlines;

FACT: Customers care about your brand as much as you care about them.

customer delightBut, why don’t we care enough?

We know that talking to customers whenever they need helps build good relations. However, it doesn’t immediately impact your sales. It’s a slow process unlike an ad/social media campaign which drives crazy traffic to your site.

However, I believe it has a more sublime effect if you make a consistent attempt at it. It’s about building good customer relation which leads to happy customers. And these happy customers bring more customers.

FACT: Out of Sight is Out of mind.

So, why don’t we engage enough?

We don’t indulge in constant engagements because it just doesn’t seem likely that one good interaction can possibly lead to a significant amount of “WOW” for the customer.

However, you need to consistently engage with your customers to get a first hand insight of what they are up to and how are they reacting to you and your competition.

FACT: If they like you they will have your back.

And why are we not loved enough?

We usually believe that good will is something that is generated unconsciously. Also, we constantly wonder to what extent can we please our customers?

We feel, if we deliver the goods people will love us. But, no, you need to keep delighting your customers by releasing that awesome feature they always wanted or by offering a sweet discount or by simply helping out a confused one.

Customers who have such a strong attachment towards your product or offering will always swear by you. Such happy customers play a vital role in shaping your product. They also are more forgiving in case you slip.

The real worth of your brand is measured against the number of real happy users. So, keep delighting them! :)

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[About the Author: Ritika is a Co.Founder of She is a startup junkie and is a die hard Rafael Nadal fan. You can know more about her on twitter – @ritika_sh]

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