Apple in Numbers [Infographic]


Regular readers would be surprised with this infographic, as it is very similar to one I had published just couple of days back showing how big Apple was – But I could not pass this one by. This infographic, created by friends at sortable, also depicts the humongous size of Apple Inc. and brings about some very interesting numbers.

Did you know that Apple is currently sitting on 110 Billion dollars of cash – That’s enough to buy RIM, Nokia, twitter, Adobe, Netflix & T-Mobile all combined and still have cash remaining. Here are some of the facts that this infographic puts across:

  • Apple’s revenue over the past 12 months is more than the GDP of New Zealand
  • Apple has beaten Wall Streets estimates in 16 out of the last 17 quarters 
  • 75% of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone and iPad

Apple By Numbers

Apple by the Numbers 2nd draft

  1. Robinsh says

    So this is the Worlds Most Powerful brand, Apple Inc. can always be a brand to analyse for getting better business perspective in this competitive market.

    Thanks for sharing this Infographics.

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