Top 10 Resume Mistakes [Infographic]


During my days working with a software company, I came across many resumes, even from relatively senior candidates, who never bothered to proof-read their resumes.

In majority of cases, resumes have simple typos or are grammatically wrong. However, every now and then a resume contains a mistake that is hard to ignore.

The following infographic, created by folks at career journey,  depicts some real life examples of mistakes people have made in their Resumes / CV’s and they are hilarious, especially the “spelling mistakes” part.

If you do not want to have similar mistakes in your resume, make sure you get your Resume/CV read from a third person. You will be surprised, just how many mistakes are there which you are unable to detect.


I am sure you enjoyed this infographic!

  1. Chitraparna Sinha says

    This was just hilarious. I too have come across some similar instances while screening resumes for freelancing projects :P

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