Weekly Wrap-up: Budget Android phones, Cable TV regulations, SGS3, Slideshare acquisition & more…


Here is an overview of all the popular posts that were published on trak.in last week!


The Indian consumer is getting more and more demanding – To cater to their needs many Indian Retailers & manufacturers are jumping into services game!

Finally, it looks like 3G prices are coming down – Last week aircel planned pocket internet smart plans, which offer 3G data usage at very competitive pricing.

Our post in 2010 on top cheap android phones had been a big hit, so we came out with an updated list. Here are the Top 5 cheap budget Android phones of 2012!

This is one post you must read – Look at how many Indians pay how much tax – I’d be surprised if you are not taken aback.

TRAI last week announced new Digital Cable TV regulations – Indian television consumers should be really happy with it. Even tariffs and pricing for Multi System Operators and broadcasters has been standardized.

Do you remember Vespa Scooter? Yes, the iconic scooter from yesteryear’s has been re-launched with a sporty new look for young and mobile Indians!

And the probably the biggest news in Gadget world last week was launch of Samsung Galaxy s3. It was probably the first time that consumers were so excited about the launch of a gadget which is not Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to revolutionize Android’s supremacy in Smartphone Market even more!

Indian Railways is getting modern – It will now start offering Wi-Fi on trains as ISRO has cleared satellite connectivity on trains for the use of internet.

As an internet consumer, I really hate one thing, and that is slow internet speeds. Even the latest Akamai report suggests that India is the only country in Asia to have average internet speed of less than 1 mbps. But, there is a silver lining – Although Desktop internet is not growing much, Mobile Internet is growing full throttle and is expected to surpass Desktop internet shortly.

Here is look at which mobile connection is better for you – Prepaid or postpaid mobile connection?

Last week Indian startup ecosystem got a major fillip – 5 year old Indian internet startup Slideshare got acquired by Linkedin for USD 500 Million!

The Mobile subscriber growth is back on track, albeit slowly – March 2012 saw 8 mln new mobile subscribers added, taking the total tally to 919 million new mobile subscribers

Some numbers in last week’s infographic is going to really surprise you – Here is how big apple is !

And here is a look at all the Funding, Merger & Acquisition deals of previous week.

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