Samsung Galaxy S3: Why world is going Gaga over it!


Smartphone enthusiasts, technophiles, journalists and even the layman on the street may have already marked May 3 on their calendar. Samsung would be unveiling its “Next Galaxy “smartphone also known around the world as the Samsung Galaxy S3 , in a grand event at London.

But why is a mere smartphone launch becoming the most celebrated event in London since the Royal Wedding last year? What really makes Samsung Galaxy S3 the most hyped and the most anticipated smartphone in the world? We examine this in the following post

Samsung Galaxy 3

Samsung Galaxy S success

The smartphone market was very much different until the birth of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones. Apple iPhone had grabbed the reigns from Nokia and was on its way to become the leaders of the smartphone when Samsung launched its premium range of Android powered smartphones named Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S emerged as the phone that catapulted Samsung into the “big leagues” of smartphone makers. The phone sold over 30 million units in from mid-2010- to late 2011.

What the Samsung Galaxy S did, Samsung Galaxy S2 doubled. With features and specs that rivaled the iPhone 4 (only just released in the market), the phone swayed Android loyalists, the world over and even gave them a reason to flaunt it to iPhone fan boys. The phone has broken all Samsung Sales Records and has already sold 20 million units in less than a year.

With the success stories of Samsung Galaxy S and the S2, it is no doubt then that S3 is expected to take things even further.

Specs to die for (At least that’s the Dream)

Rumour mills have been going berserk over the past 3 months or so over what Samsung’s next Flagship product would look like and what its specifications would be. With talks of a bigger screen, talks of the presence of a home button or the absence of it.

Even about whether the phone would be Quad Core processor based or continue with Dual core. While the rumors have certainly kept the excitement alive, recent announcement of the 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 quad core processor by Samsung has definitely put one of those rumors to rest.

We now know the phone will run on Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and be powered by a quad core processor (dual core in U.S ). Both these specs are going to make this phone one of the fastest and most powerful smartphones in the market with just the HTC One X as the closest competitor. With talks of the launch of Samsung Cloud services as well on May 3rd, Samsung may just take the fight straight to the Apple fortress with the S3. The phone will definitely not be usurped by a competitor for a good 6 months, until the launch of the next iPhone (iPhone 5) sometime in Q4. 6 months that should pretty much belong to Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Marketing Genius of Samsung

Samsung has unarguably made the greatest marketing ploy with the Samsung Galaxy S3 imitating in several aspects the marketing strategies of Apple and their products. The company as such has been highly secretive about the Samsung Galaxy S3, often denying the rumors that come out or actively concealing any information that usually is given. The genius of it all remains not in the secrecy, but rather in the “leaks” that actually occur. Photographs taken with the 12MP camera that’s supposed to grace the camera, blurred images of the body of the phone, even invoices of pre orders from various channel partners bearing the name.

Then Samsung went ahead and “accidentally” slipped the name of the actual device. Its current strategy of making a new site with “The next Galaxy “ and a counter that’s set for the said launch event in London on May 3rd has finally brought the frenzy to its peak. May 3rd is going to be a big day for the smartphone enthusiast.

With the social networks, media channels and every possible technology website set to tweet, share and blog every possible details of the launch event. Even a teaser video has been put up by Samsung proclaiming of what’s to come. Arguably the efforts have paid high dividends for Samsung, with pre orders already breaking records, (arguably over 10 Million among channel partners even before launch)


Samsung is now officially a “Rock star” among smartphone manufacturers; its every move will now be watched eagerly and probably imitated by others in the coming years. The stage is set for a great show. It is now time for everyone to go Gaga over Samsung Galaxy S3, we have already marked our calendar, have you?

  1. Next Galaxy Birthday says

    Guys, check this little project about Galaxy S3: – Next Galaxy Birthday.
    Now works on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  2. Technary says

    Welcome Galaxy S3. People were going to purchase S2. Now they got to wait and buy this one for sure!

  3. Mygeeksite says

    Samsung galaxy rocks…..2 days to go for samsung s3.

    1. Technary says

      Yes Samsung Galaxy does rock. The Galaxy Y Model was so much popular that they have released the Dual Sim model in it. BEst of luck for its success too!

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