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I am a big fan of simplicity and I love apps/solutions that “Just get the job done” without much user effort. Textme is one such nifty browser add-on that once you have used it, you will never let it go!

But first, what is Textme?

Textme is probably the simplest web to mobile content sharing service service that I have come across. It is a browser add-on that will allow you to send any text, images, videos, news, jokes or articles from the browser to any mobile number through SMS. After installing the browser add-on, you will have to just select the text on the webpage, right-click and share selected text with mobile number of your choice.


Textme is completely free and there are absolutely no limits as to how much content you can share. A user just needs to register once at the start and he/she can start using the service. Textme is currently available only for Indian Mobile users.

Check out this video to see how textme works:

Along with browser addon, textme also has share button for website publishers. The button allows visitors of a webpage to share the article or link. It also has a counter which shows how many times a particular webpage has been shared.

I used textme 3-4 times and everything worked fabulously. I must say the developer of Textme – Dayson Pais – has done a great job with this nifty app. My only question to him would be that how will he monetize this service?

Give textme a spin and let us know what you feel!

  1. Chaitanya Mehandru says

    Cool app. Thanks for the post Arun!

  2. Chaitanya Mehandru says

    Cool app. Thanks for the post Arun!

  3. Shubham says

    Text Me does not allows you to send an SMS greater than 160 characters yaar….too bad

    1. Demetrius Pais says

      Hi Shubham

      If you’ve notices, Textme gives you an option to include a link of the page from which you are sharing content to a phone. This allows you to not only go beyond 160 characters but also include an entire webpage in your sms!

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