Credit Card Numbers Unraveled [Infographic]


Time for an interesting infographic – Although this infographic was published quite sometime back, I just stumbled upon (literally) it.

Here is a question to you – Are you aware what the 16 digits on your credit card or debit card mean? Do you think they are randomly generated? Absolutely not!

All of those those 16 digits on your Credit card have a meaning and they are there for a reason. The infographic created by folks at -  “Cracking the Credit Card Code” – beautifully presents details of what those numbers mean and how they are generated.

Infact, if you make yourself aware of these few simple rules, you could actually learn a lot about a credit card just from its number.

Cracking the Credit Card Code

Credit Card numbers unraveled

  1. Neeraj says

    Great one ! These numbers have always puzzled us a lot. Now, I am aware about these basics.

  2. Guwahati Citi says

    thanks.. never knew about it.

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