Google+ SMS launched in 41 countries!


Google+ has been constantly adding new features to its platform since its launch last year. Every couple of weeks there is a new feature getting added making Google+ more and more appealing to users. It went through a much talked about makeover couple of weeks back.

Although, the initial euphoria about Google+ has long died, users are steadily starting to use Google+ platform. It is expected that the platform will have 400 million users by end of 2012!

Now, with their newest announcement – Google+ SMS – users from over 41 countries can update and receive Google Plus messages on SMS. There is absolutely no need of Internet at all.

Google  SMS

India & US were the only 2 countries which had the facility to update Google plus using Mobile SMS. However, this new feature is now extended to other countries as well.

How to post update on Google+ using SMS

post update

How to Receive SMS notifications & reply to them over SMS

get update

Have you updated your Google plus timeline using a SMS? If you have do let us know how well it works!

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  2. Vtunnel says

    Google has to work more and more to beat No 1 social site Facebook. Good to know about Google + SMS service, but there should be some more mobile applications for Google+.

  3. Chiranjeev says

    This one was really one of the most awaited features for Google+. That comes now.

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