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Last updated: April 17, 2015 at 10:54 am

Instamedia launches India-centric content network

Instamedia, a content network platform, which had received a USD 4 mln funding from Times Group back in 2010, seems to have shifted its focus to India now.

According to the press release sent to us, Instamedia has launched a Indian-centric Content Network with primarily 4 websites targeting Entertainment and Politics (www.instablogs.com), Autos(www.automotto.com), CellPhones (www.cellphonebeat.com) and Health (www.diyhealth.com).

It is interesting to note that Instamedia content network already has over 17 different niche sites (probably more) catering to different verticals.

  instamedia network

Out of these, Instablogs.com was/is earlier a citizen journalism site which has now (presumably) shifted its focus from being global to India news coverage site. I did browse the other 3 sites from the said network as well and it looks like these global sites will now focus on India news only. I am not sure why this shift of focus specifically towards India, but it looks like Instamedia wants to capitalize on the Internet growth which India is expected to witness in coming years.

Another interesting thing we noticed was – instablogs.com, which was their main flagship site and used to get over 3 millions visitors monthly couple of years back seems to have lost quite a bit of traffic based on alexa rankings. We also wonder if that was the reason for shift of focus specifically to India.

Also, one of the reason Times Internet Ltd. invested in Instablogs back in 2010 was due to Instamedia’s Instapress offering – a content management system that powers all Instamedia network sites and which was also expected to power Times web properties (we are  not sure if that’s the case). We have not heard much about Instapress’s growth since its launch.

Overall, it looks like Instamedia is changing its focus back to content – that too… India only!

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