Consumer Trust in Advertising & Marketing [Infographic]


Consumer Trust in various forms of advertising and marketing has changed over the years, more so in last 5 years. Did you know that 7 out of 10 Internet users trust brand websites and consumer opinions over traditional forms of marketing and advertising?

One thing is common – While making a decision, the strongest trust factor comes from recommendations given by family & friends. On the other side, textual advertising on Mobile phones has lowest trust levels.

Folks at flowdown have put together a infographic that shows how much consumers trust various forms of marketing & advertising. Hope the readers find it interesting.

[Note: Click on the image to zoom]


  1. Burning Desire says

    Nice to get the level of trust. Welcoming you to the unique video on life and trust

  2. Paresh Punjabi says

    Level of Trust in Advertising & Marketing Tactics According to Internet users…

  3. Robinsh says

    I was always positive about mouth to mouth promotion but don’t know how to create buzz around my blog and convert the visitors into loyal subscribers.


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