New Android Apps for Indians: Flipkart’s Flyte & Bubble Motion’s Bubbly


Looks like there isn’t much that our smartphones cannot do for us now-a-days and for everything there is a mobile app – Literally hundreds of them are getting launched on daily basis.

In last couple of days, we have 2 notable app launches on Android platform that should interest  Indian Smartphone users – Flipkart’s mp3 music store App & Bubblemotion’s voice messaging & blogging app.

Lets take a closer look at these 2 Android Apps:

Flipkart’s Flyte Android App

Flipkart Flyte Music Store

Flipkart launched their MP3 music store Flyte back in feb – and it has been quite a success with Indians. Although we don’t have official numbers, I have come across many who have bought and downloaded DRM free music & Albums from Flyte. And now with the launch of Flyte App, the popularity is expected to increase further.

Flipkart’s Flyte app lets you buy, download and Listen to MP3 directly from your Android phone. Users have option to buy a single song or the entire album. The prices for each song start from as low as Rs. 4 and entire albums can be bought for about Rs. 40 to Rs. 50. The prices and collection is exactly same as it is on the Flyte website. Flyte app users will have to login with their Flipkart online account and get started.

However, I am not sure this app gives DRM free music. As one of the commentators of the app noted that music downloaded from Flyte app cannot be played on other players.


Bubbly – Bubble Motion’s Voice Messaging App


Bubblemotion has launched Android version of its Voice messaging & blogging app, bubbly for users in India. They already have a iOS app which was launched globally last month.

Bubbly allows users to post & share short voice updates with their friends and followers. Additionally, Bubbly allows users to follow their favorite Bollywood celebrities, sports stars and other popular users. Bubbly users can hear their updates in their own authentic voice.

Bubbly can be termed as a platform like twitter with voice as the medium for conversation instead of text.  Bubbly is more popular across Asia and claims to have 14 million users.

If you have an android phone, give both these apps a spin and let us know what you feel!

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