Tablet Sales to double in 2012, iOS still to dominate!


Tablets have caught fancy of millions across the globe and numbers released by Gartner prove that. The report by Gartner finds worldwide tablet sales will close to double in 2012, taking the total units to 119 million from 60 million units sold in 2011.

Even though, Android has been growing at much faster pace in the smartphone category and has surpassed iOS, iPad still rules in tablet segment. The report forecasts Apple iOS to account for 61.4 percent of all worldwide tablet sales in 2012.

OS wise Tablet sales growth (in thousand units)

worldwide tablet sales

OS 2011 2012 2013 2016
iOS 39,998 72,988 99,553 169,652
Android 17,292 37,878 61,684 137,657
Microsoft 0 4,863 14,547 43,648
QNX 807 2,643 6,036 17,836
Other Operating Systems 1,919 510 637 464
Total Market 60,017 118,883 182,457 369,258

It is quite surprising that even after Android being adopted by hundreds of tablet manufacturers, including Amazon among others, iPad sales are expected to outstrip them.  According to Gartner analysts, main issue with Android tablets has been the lack of applications that are dedicated to tablets and therefore are unable to take full advantage of tablet capabilities.

Microsoft tablets are projected to account for 4.1 percent of media tablet sales this year, and grow to 11.8 percent of sales by the end of 2016. Microsoft is going to enter the tablet market with Windows 8 this year and is expected to be quite popular with Enterprise segment.

My Take: It looks like Gartner has only considered sales of Branded Tablet manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, HTC & others. If Gartner survey considered Chinese / unbranded / re-branded tablets in the survey, android numbers would undoubtedly be much higher. With Aakash and other low cost tablets coming into the market, Android is well set to surpass iOS.

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  1. Rohit says

    The way cheaper tablets are coming from big brands, very soon market will be dominated by tablets.

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