Google Play vs iTunes Store vs Blackberry App World [Infographic]


Smartphones & Tablets have now gone mainstream – No more are they toys of elite.

And one of the reasons why they have become so popular with masses are availability of wide variety of mobile apps on these phones, be it an Android Phone, a Blackberry, an iPhone or a Windows phone.

I came across a survey [not able to locate it now] sometime back which reported that one of the most important reasons why consumers buy smartphone is the availability of apps.

Now, have you wondered how various app markets stack against each other? Folks behind German Blackberry blog have created a interesting infographic which compares the 3 App markets – Google Play, iTunes Store & Blackberry App World.

Because the Infographic was created by Blackberry fans, the infographic might be slightly skewed towards them – Like the claim “13% of BlackBerry developers have made $100,000 or more off their apps” may not be true entirely.

Even then it makes for an interesting viewing and I am sure the readers would like it!

[If not visible clearly, Click on the image to expand]



  1. Deepa Raman says


    Yes they are not toys of elite anymore

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