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2013 Update: Per Capita Income of Various Indian States!

[Note:This post has been updated to show the most recent numbers]

The Government of India has just released the per capita Income numbers for 2012-2013 and India’s capital city Delhi has come out to have the highest per capita income in the country.

Interestingly the PCI of Delhi is over 7 times higher than state of Bihar and 4 times more than 9 other states. Given that Delhi is a Union Territory, it may not be a right comparison, even then the difference is too large to take notice.

Delhi’s per capita income for 2012-13 stood at Rs. 2,01,083 as compared to Bihar’s 22,890. PCI for 6 Indian states is not available, including Gujarat, Kerala, Mizoram, Chandigarh, Rajasthan and Goa.

In 2012, Goa had the highest Per Capita Income followed by Delhi. It very well may be true this time as well, however, we cannot confirm due to non-availability of Figures.

Per Capita Income Of Various Indian States [2013 Update]

State  2010-11  2011-12  2012-13  Growth %
Andhra Pradesh 60703 68970 78177 13.3
Arunachal Pradesh 61002 72091 77647 7.7
Assam 33348 37250 42036 12.8
Bihar 19205 22890 28317 23.7
Chhattisgarh 40166 46743 52689 12.7
Goa 164962 167838 NA NA
Gujarat 78802 89668 NA NA
Haryana 94798 108345 122660 13.2
Himachal Pradesh 67475 74694 82611 10.6
Jammu & Kashmir 40752 45380 50641 11.6
Jharkhand 34721 38258 43384 13.4
Karnataka 62251 68423 77015 12.6
Kerala 69465 80924 NA NA
Madhya Pradesh 32223 37994 43864 15.4
Maharashtra 83395 95339 107670 12.9
Manipur 29281 32865 36290 10.4
Meghalaya 48690 53542 60156 12.4
Mizoram 48591 54689 NA NA
Nagaland 53635 56461 59535 5.4
Odisha 38878 41896 49489 18.1
Punjab 69580 78633 88783 12.9
Rajasthan 44709 53735 NA NA
Sikkim 108972 124791 142625 14.3
Tamil Nadu 78473 88697 98550 11.1
Tripura 45087 50175 55004 9.6
Uttar Pradesh 26692 29785 33269 11.7
Uttarakhand 73815 81595 92607 13.5
West Bengal 47389 54125 62831 16.1
Andaman & Nicobar 80588 85984 89748 4.4
Chandigarh 130763 142869 NA NA
Delhi 148608 173686 201083 15.8
Puducherry 101072 102859 122652 19.2

Per Capita Income growth

2012 Report

Did you know that Goa has the highest per capita income in India and on the other hand Uttar Pradesh has the lowest!

Ok, if you are confused about what Per Capita income is – here is a short and simple answer. Per capita income is a unit to measure average income of an individual derived from the income of a geography, such as a country or state or city. It is calculated by taking a measure of all sources of income of a geography and dividing it by the total population.

According to the latest figures released by Government – Goa leads the country with per capita income of Rs. 1,92,652/-, while Bihar has the lowest with a per capita income of only Rs. 24,681/-. An average Goan earns 6 times more than an average Bihari!

As per latest 2012 figures, Delhi comes in second after Goa with PCI of Rs. 1,75,812 followed by Chandigarh (1,28,634 – 2011) & Haryana (1,09,227).

Statewise Per Capita Income 2011

State Wise Per Capita Income Comparison

Sl. No State/UT 2010-11 (Rupees) 2011-12 (Rupees) 2011-12 % Growth
1 Andhra Pradesh 62912 71540 13.7
2 Arunachal Pradesh 55789 62213 11.5
3 Assam 30569 33633 10
4 Bihar 20708 24681 19.2
5 Jharkhand 29786 31982 7.4
6 Goa 168572 192652 14.3
7 Gujarat 75115 N.A N.A
8 Haryana 94680 109227 15.4
9 Himachal Pradesh 65535 73608 12.3
10 Jammu & Kashmir 37496 41833 11.6
11 Karnataka 60946 69493 14
12 Kerala 71434 83725 17.2
13 Madhya Pradesh 32222 N.A N.A
14 Chhattisgarh 41167 46573 13.1
15 Maharashtra 83471 N.A N.A
16 Manipur 29684 32284 8.8
17 Meghalaya 50427 56643 12.3
18 Mizoram 48591 N.A N.A
19 Nagaland 52643 56116 6.6
20 Odisha 40412 46150 14.2
21 Punjab 69737 78171 12.1
22 Rajasthan 42434 N.A N.A
23 Sikkim 81159 N.A N.A
24 Tamil Nadu 72993 84058 15.2
25 Tripura 44965 50750 12.9
26 Uttar Pradesh 26355 29417 11.6
27 Uttarakhand 66368 75604 13.9
28 West Bengal 48536 55864 15.1
29 A & N Islands 76883 82272 7
30 Chandigarh 128634 N.A N.A
31 Delhi 150653 175812 16.7
32 Puducherry 98719 95759 -3
All-India Per Capita Net National    
Income(2004-05 base) 53331 60972 14.3

India’s average Per Capita Income is Rs. 60,972/-, which is one of the lowest in the world. Some European Countries have over 50 times per capita income as compared to India!

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  1. Can you please share per capita income details of all India cities with state of 2014

  2. Vishnu_KARTHIK

    OKAY WTF!? why aren’t the states RANKED according the Highest to LOWSET instead of alphabetic numbers? were they too afraid to make other states look awful?

  3. can u please update me per capita income of tamilnadu state ..with district wise details

  4. Sudeep Majumder

    My. View is that statistic r never proved to be correct infact absurd & complex, Per Capita income to me should be calculated totalling Salaried income + unemployed income + self business income {GroupA)/no.of adullt heads,large business income+doctor income+CA+lawyer+IT+etc(Group B)/no. Of heads.Then the understanding of Per Capita Income of the group of different States are better understood

  5. Mr. Anurag, if Bengal is having more than 91 million inhabitants………whose problem is this?

  6. Rajasthan is better than all BIMARU state.

  7. Anurag Chakraborty

    If we look at to West Bengal’s Per capita income it is the best compared to all top 5 states as the Bengal has more than 91 million inhabitants compared to all of them… JOY BANGLA JAI HIND

  8. I have converted the per capita income figure to US Dollars and am not sure that I have it correctly. Please clarify. If Goa has a per capita income of 192652 how does that translate? Also, is there an index of overall cost of living in Goa to a comparable city in the US?

    • Arun Prabhudesai

      If you talk about Goa only, what it simply means is that average income of an individual living in Goa is 1,92,652/- per year… In dollar terms, that would work out to about USD 3,500. Hope that helps…

  9. Rick’s question make sense.. can any one clarify it..?

    • Per Capita Income is calculated dividing the total income by total population (including children and unemployed). Yes it shows the lower income but it is the standard way to calculate throughout the world

  10. Fourth Dimension-Research and Study Circle

    you should give the sources of your data..

    • Arun Prabhudesai

      The data has been extracted from Government of India press communique. Please see the article, I have also given the link to the original pdf from where the data has come…

  11. good. but data wherever mentioned as N.A. need to updated

  12. Ek bat he ki aap jab badi company ki reavnue nikal de to par capital income me kon sa state sabse aage he so please post this data

  13. thanks for providing data……….:)

  14. so we are moving ahead even our population increased proportionally to pci, now we are middle lower in the rate of pci according to world bank

  15. farzi detail hai..pune se jyada industries to jamshedpur me hai..n in 2008 has d highest per capita income.

  16. I have a question. When you measure the per capita income, do you divide by the *total* population, or only the number of people with jobs? It doesn’t make sense to include children and unemployed people, does it? It would give a much lower per capita value, which would not give a good account of how much the average person earns.

  17. good estimation

  18. But the value of the Rupee has fallen enormously [I reckon by 33% to what it was in 2008!],after 2008,when the RBI began printing notes,for the HUGE stimuli for the rich oligarchs.This reportedly, continues and is in the region of about Rs 5 LAKH CRORES per year[there may be variations,as CAG has reported a figure of Rs 70,000 CRORES for the last Fiscal]

  19. Bishwajeet Mondal

    thanks I am in 10 so I got a project work so again thanks for help.

  20. thank u.

  21. hi frnds……….can any one send me PDF'S regarding 2012-2013 budget & GDP for the year.

  22. thanks for sharing.

  23. Harshit Kukkar

    tahnx for info…

  24. Rajath K Menon

    Thanks 4 your accurate percapita income data as I was in need of knowing that……… I am in X th and we have just completed the topic of percapita income.

  25. we are shit. county has been looted by us. so much poverty – economic and social indicators are like Congo. what a mess we have made – and then if someone points out the deficiencies they are termed anit national by home minister!

  26. average per capita is right bcoz We are talking about the Whole nation but When We Write just Write per capita not average per capita it is understood that it is average thank u

  27. I think tourism plays a major role in Goa having highest PCI. On a lighter note, certain States are not disclosing their income?? Not declaring income is illegal. Isn’t it?? ;)

  28. A note to the author, there’s nothing like ‘Average Per Capita’ as the term ‘Per Capita’ means per individual or per person.

  29. Pradip Dasgupta


  30. Well seems it depends on many factors. Number of big cities, towns, villages in the state & also population of state. Seems Goa scores in all he ways!

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