SMSpam: An Android App that makes it super easy report Spam Messages


If you are an Android user, this may just be one of the best tools that can help you to get rid of those irritating Spam Messages. If you are still receiving spam messages on your mobile (even after registering with No Call registry), you can now report spammy messages directly to your Telecom Operator using SMSpam app. And with some strict guidelines that TRAI has laid down on Spam Messages and pesky calls, you are sure to get rid of  them for good.

Generally, most of the users ignore these spam messages as it is too complicated to report a particular spam message to the Operator or TRAI. To report a spam message, you will generally have to call 1909 and give details about telemarketer, the originating telephone number, date & brief description etc. And if you want to report it via SMS, you will have to send SMS to 1909 using following format:

“COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy, Time hh:mm”

Given the time involved in doing all this, most users choose to ignore it rather than report.

spamSMS app

However, this new app – SMSpam– developed by an Indian developer, Deepak Jharodia, does all the dirty work for you. You just need to click on the spammy message and report it…that’s all!

Once you install this app on your Android device, it will show you messages that you have in your inbox to choose the ones that are spam. The app will automatically create the message for chosen spam messages in TRAI specified format and will send it to the operator for taking action.

Give this app a try and let us know what is your experience!

Note: I personally installed the app on my mobile and although it is a simple app, it took considerable amount of resources to load all my messages from inbox. Infact, it froze first couple of times I tried. Apart from that colors used on this app are too jarring. Additionally, this app could have easily included reporting Pesky voice calls, but that is not available. Hope developer takes care of these things in future releases.


  1. Ajay says

    i hv found this DND manager app for TRAI specific format very useful.

  2. Deepak says

    New version released with call reporting and interface overhaul.

  3. Null says

    Version 4.0 released. It’s like a completely new app now.

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