Indian I&B ministry create Facebook account for user feedback on cable Digitalization


Indian Government officials are now increasingly turning to social media platforms to spread awareness and get citizen’s feedback about new initiatives that are launched by various departments. Just yesterday, Indian parliament officials live-tweeted the Presidential address to the Parliament and published various statistics about Indian economy supported with graphs.

Now, Indian Information & Broadcasting ministry is taking help of Facebook to reach the masses . As part of their public awareness campaign, they have setup a Facebook Page (  to disseminate information regarding issues involved cable digitalization. The aim will be to inform public in general and Cable TV Industry specifically, about the movement from present Analog to future Digital Cable TV Networks.

Digital India MIB

The Facebook page carries answers to some of the frequently asked questions and provides links to other connected organizations. The “Wall” on the facebook account provides interaction platform and shall be a source of useful information for the individuals as well as the stakeholders like the Multi-System Operators and Cable Operators.

According to a notification (under Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Act) published last year all Cable TV networks need to be digitalized by 31st December 2014. This is being implemented in a phased manner beginning with the 4 Metro cities which will go digital cable television way by 30th June, 2012. The rest of the country will follow suit in phases and the entire country will be digitalized by 31st December, 2014.

Digitalization of Cable from existing analogue system is obviously good – as digital networks can carry much higher number of channels along with other value added services like broadband & other interactive services.

This is definitely an excellent initiative and I hope that other ministries take a cue from this as well!

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