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Last updated: May 30, 2014 at 14:31 pm

9.88 mln new Mobile subscribers added in Jan, crosses 900 Mln in all

It is great to see that mobile subscriber growth trajectory is back – 2011 had been a lackluster year as far as mobile subscriber addition goes. While previous years averaged about 15 mln additions every month, 2011 saw it fall to less than half!

According to the TRAI report released yesterday on Telecom Subscriber Data, India added 9.88 million new mobile subscribers in the month of Jan 2012, taking the total tally of mobile subscribers in India to 903.73 million.

Jan Mobile Subscriber Addition

Highlights of Telecom Subscriber Addition (Jan 2012)

  • Active mobile subscriber based in January 2012 was pegged at 660 million, which now makes nearly 73 percent of all mobile numbers active based on usage of atleast once in a month (VLR data)
  • Mobile Number Portability requests increased to 32.79 mln from previous 29.24 – 3.55 mln new requests were made in Jan 2012. Looks like the steps taken TRAI to smoothen MNP process is bringing positive results.
  • India now has a overall teledensity of 77.57, with Delhi having the maximum density of 237.5 percent while Assam has the lowest with 46% teledensity
  • Here are the details of Mobile as well Wireline subscriber additions:

Jan Mobile Subscriber Addition chart

Operator Wise Net Subscriber Addition (Jan 2012)

jan 2012 subscriber additions

Uninor has been showing stellar performance for past quarter – Infact, in last 3 months it has garnered a quarter of all mobile subscriber additions. Idea seems to be the biggest benefactor of MNP and its performance has also be better than all others.

Operator Wise Telecom Market Share (Jan 2012)

Jan2012 Net additions

In last 3 months, Uninor has managed to more than double its market share to 4.29%. While the Bharti still leads comfortably, its market share along with Reliance and Vodafone is eroding to the likes of Idea and Uninor.

Uninor’s performance makes one thing 100% clear, there is not better strategy than “Cheap pricing”. If you are cheaper than others in cost, you will definitely be the front runner. While other providers did not choose to play the “tariff” card over past few months, Uninor played it, and capitalized on it as well.

Broadband Growth

jan 2012 broadband growth

Broadband growth has been lackluster in India since start – It never really caught on. Even today, India has only 13.42 million broadband subscribers. The Top three ISPs in India are – BSNL with 8.68 million subscribers, Bharti Airtel with 1.36 million and MTNL with 1.03 million subscribers.


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