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Cloud Computing has become so popular that even people who do not understand it, talk about it (and hilariously so…). While some believe that cloud computing is no different than traditional internet hosting, others swear by it.

Many analysts & experts have predicted that most of the desktop applications (the remaining ones) will be moved to cloud in next 3 to 5 years. Consumers will access everything from cloud and there will be no real need to desktop software anymore.

Given the popularity of cloud amongst internet consumers, DLink, leading provider of networking and connectivity solutions announced launch of “mydlink cloud” product range for Indian consumers that includes network cameras, routers, and storage devices.

Essentially, DLink cloud devices will be completely integrated with online mydlink platform that allows you to effortlessly access, share, view, and control your network devices – anytime, anywhere. 

Here is an example – You can setup Dlink Cloud Network Camera at your home and view it from anywhere on the internet (with proper security credentials). Or you can have a Dlink’s storage device which will be accessible from anywhere only to you!  Routers, cameras, and network storage devices all can be reached instantly using a computer or portable device like an iPad or smartphone. Dlink has introduced mydlink app for iOS and Android mobile devices so making it easier for the consumers.

Dlink Cloud1

Some Highlights of Dlink Cloud Products Offering

  • D-Link Cloud routers can be managed through the mydlink website.
  • Security controls let you determine who uses your network, how it’s used, and when it’s used.
  • Push notifications and e-mail alerts inform you of intrusion attempts and new users connecting
  • Remotely control Internet access for all computers and devices connected to the router
  • Check web browsing history for each computer and device
  • View your camera’s live view through a web browser or mobile device anytime, anywhere
  • Stay informed of what’s going on with e-mail notifications
  • Store your entire media and document library, and share whatever you want with your friends, co-workers, and family.
  • Back up important documents to protect them from loss
  • Stay in control of your personal data without worrying about privacy issues

According to Dlink website, going forward, most of D-Link products will come under the umbrella of mydlink cloud services.

  1. Narayan says

    Cloud computing is the new buzzword.. but I think a lot of smaller companies will take their time to move to it.

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