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Pinterest is the new rage, no doubt about that. According to latest Google Data, Pinterest is clocking over 73 million unique visitors worldwide. If you haven’t started pinning yet and are wondering what all the hoopla is about, this is a good time for you to know that Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes, is a great social catalogue tool to promote your business or an individual brand.

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Launched in 2010, Pinterest describes itself as the ‘virtual pinboard to organize and share the things your love.’ Not only can you share interest based collections on your pinboard styled page but also discover new things by looking at other people’s pinboards. The social component comes into the picture when product and brand pages on the web have a ‘Pin it’ button on their social media widget. This allows users to share the product’s image directly on their pinboard, which their list of followers can further view and share.

Pinterest allows brands, businesses & individuals to share a range of items and interest based image collections from creative projects, quotes, home decor, photography portraits, new products, beauty or cooking routines. In fact, Pinterest has also been described as the visual version of Twitter and Facebook for Women, reported TOI, since Pinterest holds a significant female following. It is probably the only social network that females dominate more than men!

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can promote yourself or your business with Pinterest.

Create niche categories

You can create as many relevant categories and sub categories for your brand on your Pinterest page as you like. Creating categories will only help your Pinterest profile to show up on priority in Pinterest search pages.

gift ideas

For example,, a popular online e-commerce site for selling handmade items, created about 25 pinboards with names like ‘Gift Ideas’, ‘Handmade Weddings’, ‘DIY Projects’ and so on to suit a specific feature, reported Social Media Week. The title of your categories may or may not be directly relevant to your brand. For example, if you run Yoga classes, you may have a separate board just for wellness and call it ‘Health for the Body and Mind.’ If you are selling microwave utensils, you may have categories for microwave cooking tutorials and so on.

Integrate with Facebook and Twitter

Although registration for Pinterest will mandatorily require you to register though your Facebook or Twitter account, you must make sure that you leverage web traffic through your already existing presence on other social media platforms. Since most Indian e-commerce portals and individual brands have strong Facebook presence, it would make more sense to integrate your Pinterest profile within your Facebook brand page either though your newsfeed, status updates, photo album or a through a game application, recommends Techcrunch.

The important point is to keep interacting with your existing follower base on these platforms to inform them what you’re upto on Pinterest, photo slideshows and visual based updates being the best way. Simply linking back won’t suffice.

Use smartly worded descriptions

Since Pinterest is mainly about images, the search option is bound to be super sensitive to keywords. Descriptions look like titles for each pin – almost as if it is a product description. And that’s why making the description catchy is crucial. Also, the images that you pin to your profile from any webpage will automatically include an embedded link to go back to that page, but not a caption. You can smartly use this space to place updates about your business in addition to why you’ve pinned that image. Make sure you use specific keywords related to your pins. For instance, searching ‘red pen’ will display results of individual pins containing that search term, not your Pinterest profile page.

Include pricing information

It’s very obvious that Pinterest’s visual focus and product friendly interface make it a great platform for browsing and selecting gifts. In fact, Pinterest has a special section on the same and your product will show up on it only if it has a price tag.


To take advantage of this section, add updated and accurate pricing information with a currency sign and give a direct link on the product that takes users to your websites or to an order form page. Pinterest etiquette (Pinterest’s terms for rules and regulations) encourages users to provide as much product information as possible so that Pinterest users can benefit from sales.

Engage with users

To promote your brand on Pinterest, you will actively need to build direct relationships with users by linking, re-pinning, tagging by using @username, commenting on other users’ pins, exploring your followers’ boards to know why they are interested in your brand and so on. You can also find content people have pinned directly from your website by adding, “/source/” and your website address to the Pinterest homepage URL.

Searching for people who already are sharing your product is a great way to study customer behavior and strategize how you many share your new products with them in the future. You can also create boards for your fans and run contests and games to award winners with a free sample of your product and so on. Pinterest has also recently launched a video pinning feature which allows users to pin a video which they like on YouTube. This could be a great way of sharing brand related activities and how-to tutorials that help promote your product. You can also spread awareness about events and interviews in which your brand participated. Knowing what changes your customers would like in your products too can become easily achievable by creating a Feedback board where you allow interaction by sharing images and comments about your brand. In short engage, engage, engage.

Check out a few brand profiles on Pinterest here. We’re writing to see Indian brands get onto the Pinterest bandwagon soon!

[Note: Yes, we are implementing pinterest’s “Pin it” button on very soon!]

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