BSNL’s low cost Tablet a instant hit – 1 Lakh Pre-ordered


Looks like BSNL is taking the limelight off Aakash – They recently announced launch of 3 low cost tablets – The lowest one starting at just Rs. 3250/-. Although it is Rs. 1000 higher than Aakash, people seem to have mopped it up in big numbers.

bsnl tablet

According to the post on Mobile Indian, MD of Pantel Technologies have pointed out that they have received over one lakh pre-booking orders over phone and online for the three tablets that have been launched in association with BSNL.

Please keep in mind that for pre-booking, users don’t have to make any payments. They just need fill a requisition form or call on the number given on their website. This might also be the reason why such high number of pre-orders have been received. Only time will tell how many will actually pay!

Does Rs. 3250 BSNL-Penta Tablet have a GSM Sim Slot?

BSNL Launch Offer

Pantel advertises above offer on their website, which mentioned that the Rs. 3250/- tablet comes pre-bundled with BSNL 2G SIM. This for me is a bit surprising, as specifications given on their website makes no mention of tablet having a SIM slot. If that is really the case, I must say, this Penta-BSNL becomes a very attractive proposition. Apart from this, the tablet has Android 2.3 Operating system on a 1 GHz processor and DDRII 256MB RAM. It has wi-fi connectivity as well. Though, this one comes with a resistive touchscreen.

Aakash’s biggest contribution to India

I guess I should have written a completely separate post on this one, but here is what Aakash’s biggest contribution has been…

Setting the price benchmark for affordable tablets!

Although, Aakash tablet themselves have had their problems, what they have done is set a price benchmark for tablets, all the affordable tablet manufacturers are trying to match that price point!

What do you think?

  1. shahnawaz says

    i m not happy with bsnl tablet, mere tablet me youtube nahi chalta hai, baar-baar boot karwana padta hai, main apne tablet ko wapas karna chahta hun, plz mujhe way bataye, thanx


    My name is RAJESH G KALGUTKAR. I am from VAPI, Gujarat. I had ordered an PANTEL TPAD (with bsnl SIM) with booking ref no. PENT003852 and had deposited the required amount in their A/C through Punjab National Bank.

    I received the product after around ONE MONTH. The package was incomplete, i.e. it wasn’t including the BSNL SIM which I was supposed to receive as I had paid for the same.

    It is very difficult to get in touch with your represintitives . Neither they are answering calls, nor replying to mails.

    Now 2 months have passed, neither I have received the BSNL sim, .

    Would you please anybody forward this message to their superiors.

    Rajesh G Kalgutkar (ID is PENT003852) .


  3. prashant says

    finally how it is?can we buy it or let it be

  4. Saibal Kumar Bhattacharya says

    I've already made a payment against a booking(ID- PENT0054882) on 16.05.2012, which has already been confirmed by the Company itself. Though they said that item would be delivered within 4days of receipt of payment but I'm yet to receive neither the item nor any response regarding delivery. So the prospective buyers should be careful.


    Its superb tablet

  6. Anonymous says

    goog mobile

  7. Rutvik Patel says

    bsnl apne best firend pas.

  8. siva says

    when this tablet will be available with bsnl? any exact of availability?
    I am also having small doubt whether tthis one will work with other operators since i am used to travel a lot ?

  9. Laxman Katwe says

    wari good

  10. shailesh vyas says

    i like bsnl Aakash tablet

  11. Darshin Soni says

    I like u.

  12. mintu says

    its cool…

  13. Rohit says

    Its good to see the competition for cheap tablets. I have ordered “Aakash” and my brother “BSNL tablet”. Lets see which one is better. :)

  14. Rahul Rao says

    Forgive the ignorance, but how exactly is a resistive touchscreen different from any other kind? What do the iPads and the Samsung tabs use?

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      Resistive screens are very difficult to manouver with fingers. They are built for stylus pens. While capacitive touch screens are made for finger touch… If you use resistive screens with fingers, you will require lot more pressure…and are jerky.. hope I am able to explain ;)

      1. Rahul Rao says

        That was helpful. Thanks, Arun, for taking the time to explain. Appreciate it. :) I think I might order one myself.

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