Flipkart’s Flyte goes live – India’s Largest Music Store


Flyte is now live – Flipkart’s latest foray into digital music brings over a million tracks from 150,000 unique albums. For a music fanatic, this is seriously a great news. Flyte offers DRM free music for as low as Rs. 6/- per song. DRM free music means that the user can easily transfer the music from one device to another easily without worrying about any legal copyright’s aspect. Flyte also claims to have music available across 55 languages and 700 genres and sub-genres which will surely appeal to regional music lovers as well!

Flyte - Logo

It is interesting that unlike other categories, Flipkart has chosen to brand their music store separately. Although, it uses the same domain name, branding will be different!

What does Flyte offer to Indian consumers?

  • Flyte offers one of the largest & most comprehensive online music collection of over a million tracks from 150,000 unique albums
  • These areMp3-format music downloads that can be played back on any digital media device
  • Music is offered on various bit-rate quality music including 64kbps, 128kbps and CD quality at 320kbps.
  • “DRM-free” music which means that users can freely transfer their music from one device to another very easily
  • Flyte allows users to download the same file 4 times in all at no extra cost, to make it even more convenient for users to sync their entire Flyte music library across their multiple digital devices!
  • Single songs prices starting at Rs. 6 and albums start at as little as Rs 25. However, most of the hit and popular songs individually cost around Rs. 15, which is kind of steep.
  • All standard payment options such as credit / debit card, internet banking, Flipkart gift vouchers are accepted on Flyte.

Flyte Desktop Download Client

This is a great move by Flyte – They have also released a desktop Download Manager allows you to download songs in bulk.

imageIn less than 6 months of the their acquisition of Mime360, Flipkart has managed to get their Flyte store online.

Will Flyte be successful?

To be honest, I don’t have answer for that. Yes, there are obviously pockets of consumers who will make music purchases online. However, only time will tell whether critical mass will find it attractive and resort to paying for buying their music, when they can download anything and everything online free-of-cost (of course illegally).

It would be great to know what are reader’s views on this -What do you think of Flyte platform? Will it be successful? Will consumers used to downloading free music, will turn to buying music, even at a reasonable cost as offered by Flyte?

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  2. Neeraj Sharma says

    The Songs are really costly there i mean some costs even Rs 40 per song.

  3. Nikita Saxena says

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  4. Save Money India says

    Wish old songs were cheaper!

  5. brijwhiz says

    Arun, small typo/missed word in the following statement
    “DRM music means that… ” I think you intended the word free to be in there somewhere :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Haha…that sure is a typo…yes, I meant DRM Free. I will update it rightaway. Thanks for pointing out buddy!

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