Government to build fully indigenous Aakash – Datawind kicked out!


As was expected, Datawind, the manufacturer who supplied MHRD with Aakash Tablets has been shown the door. The new & upgraded Aakash will not be sourced from them. As we had reported earlier, ITI along with C-DAC are now in-charge of procuring Aakash Tablets. Telecom & MHRD minister gave a statement yesterday:

There have been some problems with Datawind, I must confess. Therefore, I have got into the act. IT ministry has got C-DAC and ITI into the act and I am going to ensure that this product is fully indigenous and truly an Indian product.

He also confirmed that improved version of Aakash with upgraded hardware specs will cost the same as previous.

So essentially both the previous parties involved (IIT Rajasthan, the procurer & Datawind, the manufacturer) have been shown the door. We will now have to wait and watch as to how ITI & C-DAC perform this challenging task of building a fully indigenous & Indian Aakash.

We had earlier learnt that MHRD is planning to float a tender for millions of Aakash tablets in coming months, however with this new development we are not sure if the new tender will be floated, as the mandate has already been given to ITI & CDAC to develop it internally!

Datawind on their part have not yet fulfilled their earlier commitment of delivery of 100k Aakash Tablets. Only 30k have delivered, while rest of tablets were expected to be delivered by end of this month. However, with IIT Rajasthan expecting upgraded specs for the rest of them, it seems to be a logjam at this point of time. Datawind on their part have not given a clear statement if they will be providing rest of the Aakash tablets with upgraded specs.

  1. Prakrit Sharma says

    are you sure that datawind did not move out as the govt has not paid them the money… does it expect to get the delivery of the remaining tablets?
    good for datawind. it already has more than 2 million pre-orders for Ubislate7+ and does not need the govt as a major buyer. it is the govt which needs datawind. from where else are they going to get such a device at such low costs? india does noy have the ability to develop one. any efforts for indigenization of the product will require active cooperation of datawind.
    datawind has time and again being emphasising on a made-in -india product and offered support but the govt seems to be living in it's own fantasies of developing one without their help.

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