Reasons why your website may not be generating traffic


Building a website can be a nightmare for most small businesses. There’s always the question of outsourcing it or going the DIY way. There’s also the entire backend of handling affiliate marketing and promoting your website to generate enough traffic and leads, which will rake in the monies. If you’re an entrepreneur who is stuck in this cycle and are wondering where you’re going wrong, here’s a lowdown on why your website may not be generating enough traffic.


Is the content and design of your website substantial?

We’ve come across plenty of websites that reflect an image completely different than what they stand for. Every color you use, every design palette that you consider must be reflective of who you are. Trust us, you might put all the energies in bringing use traffic on your website and eventually put them off because you’re a broking agency and you’ve used a multi-colored combination or you’re a jewelry designer and your website just looks too plain. Also, keep the tone and content of your website solution oriented, not to throw more jargon at them. Your visitors are checking you out to get solutions to their problems, not to appreciate how technically perfect your website is.

Is your website interactive and updated regularly?

Did you think you could get away with not updating your website at all? Simply updating your sales brochure or media links is not the answer. Believe it or not, it is extremely simple for an average user to figure out how seriously you take your products and services just by one look at your website. An old copyright date, static blog, redundant contact address or old media links are instant giveaways. Also, make sure that your website is replete with RSS feeds, widgets, videos, podcasts, polls, tags and any other interactivity that may apply to you. You have to get your viewer to trust you instantly.

Is your website SEO rich?

How do you expect to generate traffic and leads if it isn’t keyword rich and shows up on the tenth page of a Google search? We agree that showing up on Google isn’t as simple as adding keywords but it’s an important. While making your website and advertising copy keyword rich, you also need to take care that the copy doesn’t sound tacky, like many keyword rich texts do. You may want to also make sure that you have promoted your URL well enough, put up links in related forums and given it enough legs to crawl over the web.

Accessibility to all platforms

Your website should solely be designed depending for what kind of customers you are expected to have. If your customers are the type to look you up when they’re on the go, you need to make sure you have non-Flash versions of your website available for all mobile platforms. Keeping simple things in mind like configuring your website to load in HTML if it is image heavy etc. play a critical role in turning web traffic into buyers and customers.

Is your website designed for sales?

You must have absolutely smooth and efficient payment gateway options if you going to sell online. In fact, your website, through its design, interface and copy should direct the traffic in such a way that potential customers are automatically taken to the product or the sales pitch. This is much better than leaving them on their own to maneuver their way through the website.

Simple things like ‘Read More’, ‘Click here for more details’, ‘Take a free trial here’, ‘Speak to one of our existing customers for a review’ etc. can work wonders when embedded well with the design and interface of your website.

Google Analytics may tell you that a reasonable amount of web traffic is coming to your website but if none of them are being converted into leads, then you have the above mentioned points to think about.

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