Zootout.com – A food & lifestyle recommendation engine with a difference?


Zootout.com is yet another hyper-local recommendation engine that helps visitors to find what they want according to their interests and preferences. A space where Zomato and Burrp already have their strangle-hold, this new start-up claims to be different.


Zootout, a brainchild of 3 young entrepreneurs Subrat, Manish and Sukrat, was launched in beta on 26th Jan and is currently active in Indore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Kochi & Goa.

According to the founders, Zootout’s differentiating factor is that they concentrate on the offering the specialties of establishments listed, rather than just putting across the menu card or list of items available as likes of Burrp & Zomato do.

Although, it can be termed as the differentiating factor, I am not too sure how they will generating this data – whether it will be user generated or is it going to be manually done by Zootout’s team. If it is former (which I think is the case), then it will end up being more or less like their competitors. And if it is the latter their will be major question over scalability aspect as doing it manually will require lot of time, effort and resources.

They are also currently experimenting with mobile cloud based platform for restaurants which will give real time discounts of restaurants as well as the product that will help restaurants to run their customer loyalty programs.


I did go through Zootout’s website and found it quite user friendly. However, they are very thin on content right now. I carried out quite a few searches for city of Pune and was hardly returned with anything useful.

Zootout’s major task going forward is going to of creating decent product database as they will now be fighting classic chicken and egg situation. Without good content, not many users are going to turn up and without users, they will not be able to generate the specialty reviews that they are looking for!

According to founders the revenue model will be traditional advertising, where they will put up establishment banners on the website and generate revenue from it. They also expect to make revenue from their soon-to-launch Cloud Based platform.

Overall, I would term zootout as a decent platform, however they do have steep challenges that they need to take care of!

Give zootout a spin and let us know what you think!

  1. Saurabh Patil says

    Hey Arun,
    Good post. I happen to meet founder of Zomato.com (saurabh) once during a startup saturday event in Pune last year. Be it zomato or now this new chick zootout, I wonder what is the market they have? How many of us really google to find out where are we going to eat tonite? The most important thing to notice is either the dinner is special with someone special/party or just grand and 2nd case is when its no-event daily dinner as usual. In 1st case we don’t take chances with new restaurants and in 2nd case we dont bother much where we eat..any gali of the cities they have listed their services have a decent hotel that can help them fill the stomach. Ask any localite and he can tell you some of the great restaurants in that city. Its not that only zomato knows that Badshahi and Durvankur on Tilak road are awesome hotels or Shreyas near JM road is good one. Only real customers/viewers/users of their service would be foodies and they are there amongst us..no doubt but not in numbers huge enough to build a business keeping them at the center..I guess so.. only time will tell how these kind of businesses florish… also these passionate bulk doesn’t bother much about the distance to their favourite restaurant – this can actually serve against the local search buzz they are banking upon!! I bet zomato is alive today only because of the 2 rounds of funding they recieved, I wonder how much real money have they generated through their business only.

    Nothing that I don’t consider these are worthy business opportunities (actually I’m not capable to judge that) what I said are just my thoughts over these 3 businesses and the segment.

    Saurabh Patil

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