No Social Media Censor in India ever, says Kapil Sibal


Kapil Sibal seems to have made a U turn on the statements he made couple of months back. Internet and Social Media censorship has been the talk of the town since past couple of months, since a Delhi High Court Judge commented that “Like China, we will block all such websites” if objectionable content was found on these sites. He had sent a stern warning to likes of Google & Facebook.


However, according to ET, Kapil Sibal has mentioned that No government in India will ever censor social media. he mentioned:

"I want to say once and for all, without any obfuscation, no government in India will ever censor social media,"

This is near opposite to what he has been mentioning for quite sometime now. However, Indians, especially netizens have not taken too kindly to these remarks and have flooded Social Networking sites like Facebook & Twitter with comment against him!

However, like I have mentioned previously, in a country like India it is next to impossible for Government to put a blanket ban just because few people misuse the platforms provided.


  1. Asho says

    If he band google and facebook, then no netizens will vote him in coming elections…

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