Yahoo Mail Home displays Full-page Fastrack Ad [Desperation?]


I visited Yahoo Mail probably after a few months as my amazon account is attached to it and mails come to that email ID. However, I was taken by surprise when the page loaded – I was a bit confused for couple of seconds wondering if I landed on “Yahoo typo” homepage. But that was not true….

Here is the Yahoo Mail Homepage which was presented to me!

Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo Mail had a full homepage advertisement of Indian brand – Fastrack . The ad diverted me to their Facebook page. I am assuming that this ad will be shown only to users from Indian sub-continent and even then Fastrack is guaranteed of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Facebook Fans.

Fastrack being a youth brand, seems to be on a big ad-spending spree just before the Valentines day and this Yahoo homepage mail campaign is a great way of capturing huge number of fans.

However, I am surprised that Yahoo is accepting full homepage ads on probably one of its most popular pages in India – Yahoo Mail.

For me it comes across as a serious sign of desperation – what do you think?

[Note: As I mentioned earlier, I visit Yahoo mail homepage very rarely and I am not sure if it is a regular thing for Yahoo. For me it was a first and hence decided to write on it]

  1. idontlikeyahoo says

    I try my best to avoid having to do anything with Yahoo, be it email, their news sites, or any other thing. This is because they are too greedy for ads and their ads are very intrusive. Also the Yahoo homepage is full of sensational news items that provide no value to the reader other than titilating him. Yahoo gives one the image of a company that has sold out to its advertisers and doesn’t care much about the customers’ real needs.

  2. Jagan says

    Hi Arun
    Today i saw this when i forward a mail Yahoo.
    See image :)

  3. Jagan says

    Hi Arun,
    Today i saw this when i forward a mail in Yahoo. :)
    See the image

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Oh God…they are going from bad to worse…

  4. Sameer Parwani says

    Yeah they've been doing this for years around the world. No it does not speak of desperation to take in advertising.

  5. Asho says

    they are doing this for very long time… before they displayed a almost nude fasttrack ad saying “don’t stare my t__ts”… is this the way of promoting a brand???

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Asho for letting us know… I did not know that they had done this earlier for 3rd party Ads. Yes, they used the Mail homepage for promoting internal services…but this was the first time I saw a non-Yahoo promotion that too on such a large scale..

  6. Jagan says

    My personal mail id is also yahoo id. Usually i type in the browser to avoid the homepage loading time and login with mail directly. The page which loaded ( have a login window on right end and some big header slogan for yahoo mail. I thought when ever i login (2 times/day) a huge area is wasted.
    Surprisingly almost an year back i saw an ad for a perfume/body spray. I cant recall that famous brand now. Now most of the time it promotes Yahoo movies box office ad and some other leading brands.

  7. Rohit Srivastwa says

    Or may be yahoo giving subtle message to its user, "move-on".

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      hahaha… Probably that might be the reason… You are correct…

  8. Swapnil Narvekar says

    Interesting……may be a trend setter move.

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