Social media trends of India in 2012!


Companies are going to aim at targeting more sales and customer engagement conversions, bloggers are going to increase their affiliate marketing opportunities and more movements like IAC are going to give birth to more number of Anna Hazare’s through social media in 2012 in India. In short, 2012 is going to be a big year for social media in India. Lets look at some of the Social Media Trends that you may encounter in Indian in 2012.

Internet memes, flashmobs and Google Hangout marketing


With owling, planking, falling, rickrolling and LOL cats having trended, more and more internet memes are going to be birthed by social media in 2012. Flash mobs have caught the fancy of Indians is 2011 and more of such witty, innovative and interesting memes are going to drive internet traffic in India through social media. As for Google+ Hangout, international brands have used it successfully to get feedback through one on one video conferencing.

In India, we’ve simply begun to scratch the surface of Hangout with SRK and Kareena interacting with fans for promoting Ra One, Farhan Akhtar promoting Don 2 and cricketer Virendra Sehwag interacting with his fans. 2012 is likely to take one on one interaction to the next level.

More attempts at viral videos

It’s impossible to say how many viral videos are going to hit India in 2012, but Kolaveri Di has definitely begun a viral revolution. More and more brands in India are going to attempt to make their own Kolaveri Di’s, with many of them likely to fall flat. In India, we’ve seen brands like Airtel who enjoyed the success of going viral through their Ali Baba and Chalis Chor ad along with the ad for True Roots International Calling Service, both standing at more than 2 lakh views.

The Silent Indian National Anthem by Reliance Big Cinemas too enjoyed popularity the viral way with an approximate of more than 12 lakh views.

Branching of social media beyond just networking

If you think you’ve had enough of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Orkut, you could try the recently released Pinterest. A social networking site with a twist that receives more than a million hits per week, Pinterest is all about creating ‘boards’ according to your interest in areas like Design, Technology, DIY, Film, Gardening, Fitness, People, Pets, Music, Books and much more. You can ‘pin up’ conversations according to your interest and network with other people on the basis of your creative connect. All the other social media features remain the same.

Lots of small businesses, not-for-profits and individual sellers are already using Pinterest to sell and engage internationally. China is hooked on to RenRen, a Pinterest clone for the same and India is definitely next.

Government behaviors and backlashes

2012 has started off with a glum note of government censorship of the internet because of SOPA and closer home, the Indian government is asking popular social media platforms to censor sensitive content. Due to the growing strength of social media in the world, people are only going to get back to their ‘oppressors’ through this very platform. If an IAC movement repeats itself in India, it’s going to be no surprise. In 2012 social media in India will continue to carry for the flavor of protest and outrage.

Online Reputation Management

Tech experts across the internet predict that a big trend for social media in India in 2012 is going to be the setting up of ORM teams in corporates. Currently, departments like Corporate Communications or Marketing handle company’s social media portfolios or in most cases this services is outsourced to IT or SMEs. But considering the kind of social engagement that Indian brands are having with users online (E.g. ICICI launching on Facebook, airline companies managing customer feedback on Twitter, Vodafone having harmed their brand repute due to a 3G coverage issue that a customer faced and so on), ORM for social media will be a trend and an alarm in India in 2012.

Do you think any other Social Media Trends that will be in forefront in 2012 in India?

  1. Venu says

    Nowadays social media is trigger for all types of internet and local business services. Every day new internet social media trend is the live proof of social media success.

  2. cristal says

    now a days social media plays really very big role. than q for shearing this information.

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