Are Tablets really taking over? [Infographic]


For last couple of years, tablet computers are in vogue. Even in India, tablets have become quite popular (at least the word “tablet”), thanks to “Aakash” by Indian Government. Popularity of tablets can be gauged from the fact that in last year alone close to 100 different tablets were launched by more than 35 different tablet manufacturers.

Although, mobile takes a lead in internet browsing on non-computer devices, Tablets are gaining much ground. Check out this nifty infographic created by Litmus, that gives you an idea about the rise of tablets across the globe.

2010 was the year when Smartphones gained popularity, 2011 was year of Tablets… Which gadget would 2012 remembered for? Any ideas?

  1. Rashmi Shah says

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  2. Ankit J says

    I am very much agree with the article. Daily a new company with a new tablet are entering the Indian market competing the previously launched tablet. They are also providing good features at cheaper rates.

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