Ruby vs Python vs PHP Face-off [Programmer’s preference Infographic]


This post is probably only for techies, specifically developers. I generally do not publish posts that are highly tech-oriented. However, a techie in me could not pass this one.

Guys at Udemi have published a great infographic that compares three programming languages popular with developers currently – PHP, Python & Ruby.

The Infographic compares how they are different from each other, who prefer them and their popularity!

PHP remains the most popular of the 3 languages, however it is interesting to note that PHP is less popular than what it was year back, same is the case with Python. Ruby on the other hand has remained constant in its popularity among developers worldwide.


I am sure if you are a PHP developer, you will be happy to see this infographic…

  1. msx says

    Hi! Nice comparison :)
    Can you post how you made the chart – applications involved, steps, etc.?

  2. Maxwell Sheriff Duru says

    Developers from other programming langauage waste their precious time critizing, or should l say jealousing PHP when its clear that PHP is the clear winner. The best and largest applications and frameworks are developed by PHP and with a very large community backing it. Facebook is taking PHP to another level with the introduction of PHP HIPH0P, which will see the demise of many languages. Its funny hearing them say PHP have issues! (l laugh)

  3. Kranthi Kumar Pulivarthy says

    This information is very nice and useful for very developer. Is PHP exe time is very slow compare with PHYTON? how we can exe php programs fast? any solutions.

  4. Arun Vijayan says

    PHP is slower than Ruby & Py? I guess those type of comparisons are irrelevant and probably incorrect.

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