India beats China in Nurturing Leadership Talent !


India and China has been the torchbearers of the world economy. While India has lots of catching up to do in terms of its economy size, last year China surged past Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy.

Interestingly, with both the economies boasting of population in excess of one billion – the prospects of notching continued economic growth will be highly influenced by the development of their human resources and talent nurturing to accelerate the innovation curves.

A latest report titled “Global Leadership Forecast 2011” has gone a step forward to compare the quality of leadership at the future’s edge for fast-emerging economies India and China; in terms of current quality of leadership, confidence of leaders to ensure future success and strength of leadership supply to critical roles over next 3 years.


The research led by the talent management organization has ranked India ahead of China in terms of nurturing future talent and possessing critical skills required for successful leadership.

However, the study clarifies that the global ratings for neither country can brag of substantial improvement over time despite allocating large sums of money for building stronger leadership capability; in a bid to quickly move up the value chain from low-cost labor to world-beating innovation.

At the end of the day, success is all in a mind game, besides confidence in one’s ability to achieve the targeted goals in particular time span. Furthermore, the much-needed confidence can certainly be boosted with the right quality of leadership and ability to identify and develop future talents.

The Leadership Index


Leadership Talent Management System


Top 5 Future Leadership Skills


According to the DDI’s Leadership Index, India is two-fold ahead of China in terms of current quality of leadership as favorably rated by the leaders surveyed in terms of their organization to the extent of 51%, as compared to 25% in China.

The study has also outlined that India has piped China in terms of confidence rating of highly critical frontline leadership level with 59% favored vote, as against 38% in China, which often constitutes the pool from which future higher-level managers emerge.

On asked as to which skills would be critical to their future success, the leaders from India banked the most on ‘building customer satisfaction and loyalty’, whereas Chinese leaders placed emphasis on ‘executing organizational strategy’.

Disappointedly, ‘fostering creativity and innovation’ is still low on the count of both Indian and Chinese leaders needed to drive future leadership skills. On a contrasting note, while the US has topped the innovation quotient within an organization, the population-blasting countries like India (49%) and China (59%) are still fighting with high attrition and retention costs, on account of lack of leadership.

Certainly, talent management will be centre-stage piece in driving the future growth of India and China.

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