How Google earned USD 37.9 Bln in 2011 [Infographic]


Google announced its earnings last Thursday, and markets termed it as “disappointing” – Do you know what the disappointing figure was ??

It was whopping USD 37.9 Billion Dollars!

Google has host of different products and services that we use every day including their search, Gmail, Google+, Google Apps and many others. However, Google’s majority of revenue comes from only one source – and that is “Adwords”. The adwords advertising platform alone brought 36.53 Billion USD in 2011, while other revenue amounted for only 1.37 Billion USD.

Check-out full details of Google Earnings Here!

Google Revenue Break-up


While analyzing Google earnings, I came across a wonderful infographic created by Wordstream which beautifully breaks down the Google’s USD 37.9 Billion earnings. It gives you an idea of which Industries advertised the most with Google, and which were some of the most popular key-phrases as well which ones got highest bids.

So how does Google provide all these wonderful free services to us?

It is advertising and advertising alone!!

  1. Priyank Pandey says

    Nice Article Sir…Fabulous To Read And Amazing To Understand…

  2. Marketing91 says

    Dear Arun, I am a blogger myself. But i have to say, the way you source your info is amazing. Most of the topics here are well thought out and well presented. Great going :)

  3. prashant srivastava says

    Very well described and it showed how google make fool of us by showing that their main bussiness is search.

  4. Rohit says

    No wonder as the amount of ads Google is running on the large of websites will surely give heavy return. Other than this, Android is also giving good return. :)

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