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Letter to Sachin Bansal : CEO/Founder, Flipkart.com

Arun’s Note: I have been a regular customer of Flipkart for over couple of years now and have had pleasant experiences with them in 9 out of 10 transactions I have conducted. I had one real bad experience (about a year back), when it came to refund. I did not write about it back then, as I thought it would be one-off case. However, over last few months, I have been increasingly hearing about more and more people experiencing issues with Flipkart service.


This letter was written by Sushrut Bidwai, a Nashik/Pune based Internet Entrepreneur – He details his travails with Flipkart customer service.

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for sharing your email address. This is a long letter, just want to make sure I am communicating everything. Though there is gist at bottom, if you would rather skip.

I bought a laptop and few other things in mid Oct and they were delivered in third week of Oct 2011. After using laptop for few days, I realized that it crashes a lot. I investigated the problem at my end and found that the fan stops working some times and that causes overheating and crash.

I reported this problem and talked to customer support. I was supposed to leave to Bangalore for a business trip of 10 days and hence had asked them to accelerate the process. But only on 23rd Nov, when I was already in Bangalore, I was informed that laptop will be replaced. I was also told that laptop will not be replaced, as per the guarantee, but rather I will get store credit or refund.

I asked the support agent, Mr S that I can only return the defective laptop once I reach back on 2nd Dec. He told me call *him* once I reach. I called flipkart on 2nd Dec and was told S will get back. This same thing continued for next 3-4 days. But neither S, nor any one else from flipkart support got back.

Finally next monday ie 6 or 7th Dec, I was told that reverse pickup will be arranged in next 48 hours. Nothing happened till 13th Dec. Finally I decided to publicly ask for this and then I was told reverse pickup will happen in next couple of days. Again I had to leave on a business trip to Pune, actually for a week, but I cut it short. Not having a laptop was affecting all my business really hard now.

I decided that enough is enough and now I want to be compensated. If flipkart is giving “replacement guarantee”, it has to honor it. And I decided to not co-operate for reverse pickup. The reverse pickup person banged on my door when I wasnt home, for 45-60mins causing serious discomfort to all neighbours and extreme embarrassment to me and rest of my family. We had to answer lot of question, causing further mistrust. Plus our neighours told us that he was using profanities while leaving the building against me.

Even after that, I agreed to the terms offered by flipkart. Terms were, flipkart will ship replacement laptop *immediately*, costing Rs 800 more than my purchase price and I will co-operate in reverse pickup. I had given time for delivery guys to come and pickup the laptop.

Please note that Mr J, customer support staff, told me that replacement will be shipped immediately, that is first thing tomorrow.

Delivery people did not came on given time and hence I called Mr J. He told I have to wait till they come, cancelling in effect all my plans. And if I dont do that replacement will not be shipped. I asked him that replacement was suppose to be shipped immediately, how is that dependent on everything else? He told me no, replacement will be shipped as soon as delviery guys confirmed receipt of defective laptop.

After this I completely lost trust in flipkart. I have purchased more than Rs 150,000 worth of things from flipkart.

After a couple of days, after looking at my tweets, Mr J emailed me that “Flipkart is committed to refund/replace your laptop. And new laptop will be shipped when defective one reached Bangalore warehouse”

Please note that – Mr J first told me, laptop will be shipped next day. They it will be shipped as soon as reverse pickup guys send receipt. Then he said it will be once it reached Bagnalore warehouse.

After that – I finally bought the same laptop, which flipkart told me they cant procure from any sources. I had to not only spend more money but put it on an expensive EMI which will cost me 15K more, as I did not have that kind of cash left.

Then, flipkart told me they have shipped the laptop!! I told them I already bought it. So they went ahead and added some Rs 43,000 store credits to my flipkart account!!

There is no way I can trust an organization like that. I understand this can be one of case, but there is no way you can affect some one like that and still not ready to compensate appropriately.

In a gist –
1. Flipkart guaranteed 30 day replacement, which it did not honor.
2. It never processed for 2 weeks, till I started talking about it publicly.
3. Customer staff kept giving me incorrect information, on purpose
4. All in all it wasted more than 45 days of my computing time.
5. Its delivery guy harassed me, used profanities.

I am an entrepreneur, like you. You can understand how much precious computing time is when you are about to start a new venture. I wasted an entire month. I am completely snowed under now, late with all necessary business stuff. My reputation is down the drains, as I have not been able to keep up with promises. And that’s a huge huge opportunity loss. I was supposed to move to Pune from Nasik by 10th Dec, but had to delay solely because of this laptop issue.  <was-not-in-orig>I had already signed lease agreement effective from 16th Dec, meaning I lost Rs 4500 directly because of Flipkart. </was-not-in-orig>

Tell me what I should do? Should I just take the refund and go away? Or isn’t it my duty as a consumer to make sure businesses are penalized when they do some thing like this and fight for that?

What do you think? Has Flipkart’s customer service really deteriorated over the years, or would you discount this as again one of the rare cases among thousands of other satisfied Flipkart consumers?

Let us know!

About Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is founder / chief editor at trak.in. He jumped the Entrepreneurship bandwagon in early 2008 after a long 13 year stint in I.T Industry. You can follow him on twitter @trakin and Facebook. Arun’s Google+ Profile


  1. Flipkart is a pathetic place, despite ordering a mobile phone after full payment and paying for within a day delivery on Wed 18-March, I am still waiting to get the phone as on Saturday 21 march. Web update is funny and call center is even more funny they dont have any clue. Flipkart needs to show better customer value for someone who pays them upfront. I will NEVER BUY from them. Order number OD002350655125626000 Placed on 18 March 2015 Full payment made for with-in same day delivery. As on Saturday 21 march-2105, product is still not delivered

  2. i m v mch disapointed by ur service.as i ve ordered a cell phone lenovo A6000 OD302291796359800400 & ws shipped by kourier service known as EKARTL.on sunday i.e.15th march.a representative from kourier services called me that the phone hs arrived..bt as today is sunday u cnt be availble on rspctive address so i said yes and i said giv me on monday.on monday at 12;21PM a msg came frm flipkart that ur dcancellation rqst has been initaited.i ws shocked,how it is cancelled,thn i called on t phone nos of yestrday kourier representative he said the order has been cancelled by flipkart,whn icalled flipkart representatve 1st time at 1pm and told t whole incidnce he told me tht it ws cancelled by me,whn i asked frm team leader of kourier service he said it ws cancelled by compny…i reached at EKARTL office in allahabad and asked thm,thy said we can”t do nythng &tht product ws wit thm in allahbad.i agn call ur customer representative & ths time he said tht we hve the proof as u cancel the product…..i wud like to say to MR.BANSAL do tke ths mter v carefully as ur compny represntative has create a lot of inconvenience to me…

  3. hi, i am very disappointed by your service. you have delivered me a defective phone and after that when I called you to inform the same you have just mis guide me .my order number is OD202256570446202100 . I have just called on the toll free number for the request of the replacement of this faulty phone HTC dis 820 the representative not provided me the full info and just mis guide me. after a minute i receive an text says it cant be replaced just after 2 days of the purchase. what is this??????what is your company policy you are doing the fake commitment with the customers. please help me out.

  4. Hello Sir, I am planning to open a trial room for Flipkart @ my city i.e Jamshedpur. I am having a space of 14800 (1st Floor) & 13200 Sq. Ft (upper basement) the heart of the city. I would be blessed if I get an opportunity to work with Flipkart. Hope to get some positive feedback soon. Your’s Faithfully, Amit Thakkar. +917631390000

  5. Pramod Kumar Sahoo

    Dear Mr Sachin. Your team is playing with my orders and lying frequently about the delivery of my item. See the two order ids 1) OD102134113796453400 2) OD202215453094054400 The first one was cancelled by you on 26th Feb(showing as RETURNED) after my follow up for delivery. I was asked to reorder. The second order was again cancelled on 5th Mar(showing as REPLACEMENT) after I raised hue and cry as they did not deliver. I have made 100 telephone calls to your customer care (or customer tormenting?) team. Sent 50 mails which they conveniently ignored. Talked to Sadhna, Pratap, Kundan Kumar and several others whose names I donot remember. What I sincerely feel is that they are all a bunch of professional liars who are experts in the art of torturing customers. I have been a loyal customer of flipkart so far but this horrible experience has now compelled me to turn towards Amazon. Amazon is much better as far as prices of products and prompt delivery is concerned.More important is the fact that their customer care team members do not lie or give false promises unlike your team. Well, just do the following if at all you wish to survive in this buyer’s market. 1. Get my iphone delivered asap. 2. Refund me the ?1000/- being the difference of price between the above cited two orders. (Your team of liars have already committed this refund) 3. Compensate me for holding my money for more than 15 days and giving me tremendous mental torture 4. Train your team to be more professional and promise only that much which they can execute. Hope you respond. with regards Pramod K. Sahoo

  6. Hi guys I have order a dell alien ware laptop at a cheap price.. But after processing it for 10 days flipkart had cancelled that product giving stupid reason…. And giving 200 rupees as apology… Where i am buying that laptop for near about 40 thousand and They are giving shame to their customer….. Every time saying instead of that v have given you 200 rupees…. I really don’t understand why flipkart things it’s customer are so cheap…

  7. Hi Mr. Sachin Bansal, I am really frustrated with pathetic service with flipkart. I had ordered 18 Feb-2015 still order is not deliver. It should be need to deliver at 21-Feb but still not deliver now your executive today say that It will take 2-3 days more. Not sure. I really appreciate if you intervene the issue..

  8. Dear sir I am from Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir I want to draw your attention that we people are unable to avail products from your online portal as none of the PIN Code is accepted for the product delivery earlier every thing was smooth and we were happy to shop with flipkart but now we really suffer and are kept away to shop with you so please intervene and make it convenient to deliver products at PIN CODES 190001,190009,190019 so that we may not suffer any more. Looking forward for your early respose in anticipation. UZAIR BASHIR 9103114445

  9. Flipkart is having worst customer retention policy. Recently I have purchased a MotoG back cover. I asked for return and needed to proceed with another item instead. Flipkart had refused it saying they do not have refund policy. So, on there website products are shown incorrectly and if customers purchases a wrong product, Flipkart won’t refund the amount. It is sear case of misguiding and customer exploitation. They may check the history of my purchases and can provide the refund in case of this mistake, but they feel they are unopposed in the industry and every one have to came to there site. They have to remember Amazon in here and they will loose customers to Amazon by giving zero importance to customers. My purchase id: OD001979438519614300 Now, permanently moving to Amazon.

  10. Dear Mr. Sachin Bansal, I heard lot of people talking about your CS having “gone to Dogs” I wondered how come something like that could ‘go to dogs’. But yesterday afternoon when a lady called on my wife’s mobile and started talking to her – Am I talking to Kanti and when my wife said ‘Haan ji’, the lady still continued ‘Kanti you are having problem with your item’ my wife again said ‘Haan ji and the moment she again started “Kanti, I took the mobile from my wife’s hand (the mobile was on hands free’ as she’s having hearing problem), and took the b….y lady left n right. I lost all my cool. I severely scolded her, for she does not have any commonsense. When my wife had replied twice in Hindi, she still continued in English. Why? And who the hell is she? Is she the boss of my wife? How can she address my wife by her first name? No manners; no netiquettes. Is this the way you would like your sister, or your daughter, or your mother being treated? Customer may not be a king but definitely not a popper. You understand that? Let’s forget for the time being about – “going to Dogs” Let’s talk of “Good wombs deliver good babies” And what if the baby is bad? Whom would you blame? The womb or the baby? In spite of having written about the English speaking agents of your CS in the earlier mail, this idiot still continued in English. Shame on you! and shame on you CS team. If that lady does not call back and tender unconditional & unqualified apologies to my wife then I will not hesitate slapping you with a legal notice. You may be a filthy rich but I have seen more rich people than you, cooling their heels in Tihar Jail at New Delhi, Yes! I am talking about Head of Sahara Group. There’s yet another case of Malaya, the Head of Kingfisher Airlines, who used to spend corers of rupees on models, for a New Year Calendar. So fear God! And what I finally realized, that it’s not your CS that has gone to Dogs but its other way. You understand what I mean? I wish the mobile had interactive features and I could pull out that lady from the mobile and placed a tight slap on her face. Being a senior citizen and a father of two already married daughters, I had always seen my own daughters in all the young girls and had always avoided being harsh to them thinking that suppose my own daughters were working in their place then I just wouldn’t tolerate anyone being harsh or rude with them. But unfortunately this lady with her yanky style and constantly addressing my wife just by her first name, without prefixing Mrs. or suffixing ‘ji’ made me very upset. Then there’s no commonsense – forget the individual IQ. If name in the shipping address was Mrs. Kanti Jhanjee and her bank account is just ‘Kanti Jhanjee what difference does it make? When account is opened one has to clearly mention Mr. or Mrs or Km. Isn’t it? It seemed that your people were only finding excuse to reject her claim. I’m yet having another proof of the inefficiency & incompetency of your team whereby against order of 2 Nos of same item 2 different items were sent and the second item was cheaper then the one ordered. Nothing happened on my complaints. Since the serial no. of that different item (not ordered) stands mentioned on the invoice I was keeping my finger crossed as Consumer Protection Act 1986 entitles me to file a complaint under Section 12, 17, & 21 of the said Act and also seek compensation under Section 14 of the same Act. within 2 years from the date of purchase. The success of your venture seems to have gone deep down, not only into your head but also in the head of your entire team else you had replied to my earlier complaint. I’ll be forwarding the hard copy of this mail on your official as well as your residential address, under registered AD. I know you have of battery of lawyers. But then million Dollar question is that is it worth couple of hundred of Rupees? May God bless you with all his wisdom! Sincerely, R. Jhanjee For & on behalf of his wife, Mrs. K Jhanjee

  11. Hi, I’ve ordered a jeans but the fitting of it is not good, I want to return it I’ve filed a complaint bit still no response, such a bad customer service, pathetic I kust say….

  12. Dear Team Pl find the below My order Details I made the Order 1st of Jan -15 Product Assured Delivery Date 9th Jan I had discussion with Customer care executive Name of Mr.Hemanth on 2nd jan he confirmed befor 9th jan product will be dispatch as per address I chk through APP on 5th morning product Till not Processing Again I had contact with Customer care executive Mr XXXX he aslo confirmed product wil be dispatch before 9th of jan … I requested 6or 7th delivery but am getting one sms during ccc convertion SMS was We have escalated your issue to the concerned team. We will resolve your problem by 06jan 2.00pm He convinced me and given confirmation your problem will resolve befor 6th …. reg about sms … Again I got SMS 5th 9.15pm sms was Samsung Tap4 Your Order OD301697889255678400 have been cancelled Due to unavailability… Again I contact with CCC Excecutive Mr.hemanth he try to convince me seller non avl bla bla bla he only given this email id he given confrirmation based on I raised this mail All the screen shots I attached below Dear team *I Alrdy told you Iwant that same product (model) Same price As per ur committed delivery date As per my purchase norms * *I don’t want refund money Extra money …..* its not Customer problem (Seller unavailability) … I made only Flipkart …. Am expecting Possitive rply soon ? ?Thanks & regards Vr.Ranganathan

  13. Dear Mr. Sachin Bansal, I am a flip-kart user and Flip-kart first customer. Ordered Canstar Oxyfryer on 5.12.14 and got delivery on 7.12.14. Found that the powder coated tray had scratches, immediately called the Customer support and notified. Instead of 8.12.14, I got the call back on 10.12.14 that too, after writing mail and calling helpline to remind the same. Finally got replacement on 12.12.14, when I was not at home, my children insisted for the item to be inspected, before it was replaced. To their surprise, the new item was broken!! Earlier one had only scratches, but this was broken and the tray was jammed. So the item was returned and the original delivery was retained. Got an e-mail today about the successful delivery and some technical person visited home today for installation, who was informed about the scratches. Now seeing the experiences of others , I am pretty sure that I am also going to be the victim of the bad practices of Flip-kart, tough only a week is passed, I had booked the Oxyfrier as an Anniversary Gift, but the things ran into trouble. Hope, You can do something, before the matter goes out of hand. Regards

  14. I purchased Mi3 Mobile on 5.8.2014 but several times it was dead. I repaired twice from authorised service centre HCL/Fourtech computers behind LIC Build. Shivaji Nagar,Pune-411005. Now my mobile is still lying in service centre and as per the verbal statement of the Service centre they reported to Mi3 company for replacement of some parts of my mobile which are they are not having with them but till date thay are not getting any responce from ccompany.

  15. I placed an order on Flipkart for a Vox V102 tablet which i received today but when i open the outer seal I was surprised to see that the seal of the mail product box was broken and the product was having so many scraches on the screen and one keyboartd was mentioned on the website that i will receive along with the Tab that also I have not received. This is very surprising that the same review was alredy mentioned on your website but the same has not been improved till now. I want a replacement ASAP

  16. I have purchased so many products from flipcart, nice service though customer service need to be improved, you can trust flipcart; I haven’t experienced any bad from flipcart thank you…

  17. Raash B Chowdhary

    Sub : Order No. OD000785635845783200 Handset Nokia 108 I have been using Flipkart since long but never experienced such sort of cheating ever. I bought this product with a delivery option at my mothers’ residence. She is 60+ She has started complaining of voice issue and phone not ringing properly on which my brother took this h/set to Nokia service centre. Nokia showroom has confirmed that this handset Nokia 108 is not original and they have also provided the snapshop of original and duplicate handset which my brother has shared in whatsapp. Today I have lost my trust with a loss of 1600/- and in future for any high purchase I will think thousand times. Expecting resolution considering customer delight and refund of this amount, also action taken against this Vendor Shri Shiv Electronics. Regards. Raash Chowdhary 9889009285

  18. Raash B Chowdhary

    Dear Sir/Mam, I have been using Flipkart since long but never experienced such sort of cheating ever. I bought this product with a delivery option at my mothers’ residence, Indore. She is 60+ She has started complaining of voice issue and phone not ringing properly on which when my brother had visited he took this h/set to Nokia Service Centre. The Nokia showroom has confirmed that this handset Nokia 108 from Shri Shiv electronics is not original and duplicate product. They have also provided the snapshop of original and duplicate handset together which justifies the statement. My brother has shared in whatsapp with me. Today I have lost my trust with a loss of 1600/- and in future for any high purchase I will think thousand times. Expecting resolution considering customer delight and refund of this amount, also action taken against this Vendor Shri Shiv Electronics. Regards. Raash Chowdhary 9889009285

  19. Dear Mr. Bansal Flipkart, I really appreciate that you guys are doing very hard and sincere efforts to resolve all customer complaints and serving us all 24×7. I am very small, but regular customer of flipkart, i am working as one of the brand ambassador for our flipkart. but this time, things are not going well. i have given purchase order of digital camera on 15th October and it was supposed to reached me till 27th October. but it is late and now no one from you able to help me satisfactory. i know the order value is very low in comparison to your business volume. but the reason for purchasing this camera was to capture my new baby birth moments which is expected on 2nd November. i was very much excited about this purchase, and as i believe flipkart as part of my life. i would request you to please look into the matter on urgent basis. Regards Abhishek RAi 07408427804

  20. I had a very similar distasteful experience with Flipkart. During the Big Billion Day sale, I ordered a Moto G 2nd Generation Phone which ultimately costed me Rs. 11,699/- along with the discount. Because of the supposedly huge rush, the order status wasn’t updated immediately. When I called up customer care in the evening, I was told that the order didn’t go through and that I would have to make a fresh order. Despite repeated attempts, I couldn’t go through. In any case, the first amount of Rs. 11,699/- had been paid and so I waited for a refund. 5 days later, when I called to check up the refund status, I was told that the order was placed and that I would get the phone. 2 days later again when I called, I was told that the order didn’t go through and that I’d get a refund within 8 business days. Almost two and a half weeks later, I still hadn’t got my refund. To every email that I sent them, I got the standard reply that they did not receive anything. I furnished them proof of payment from the bank and only then did they start trying to help me out. It’s very disappointing to see that an orgnaisation like Flipkart deceives it’s customers by telling they haven’t received any payment and that it needs repeated emails and phone calls from us to confirm that they indeed have received money from us. It’s been 3 weeks now since that fateful day and I am still awaiting the money. Flipkart is such a disappointment. I really pity the person who has to suffer the whims of customer care. They don’t seem like the bunch of people who can help you out with anything. Just have to go on the joyride they take you, and I can guarantee you, once you’re done with it, you’ll be sufficiently harassed and exhausted,

  21. Open letter to Sachin – Not sure if it would ever reach him or he would take an action – I’m sure this will not make any difference- Worth giving a try Advice: Instead of spending millions on advertising , I would say they need to spend money on customer service training and fransching with the right retailers Dear Sachin Bansal, This is the letter I have sent to Flipkart and I haven’t still received any response.My parents(both in their 70’s) have made several attempts to contact with the Flipkart customer service team for a proper answer, until now they have been given half a dozen contact numbers to just to get their TV installed,How ridiculous is that . You cannot expect 2 senior citizens who have no clue about technology to Install a smart TV. They have been promised by the flipkart team that they would send someone through, this has been going on for a week or 2 now. Right after I sent an email couple of days ago ,a flipkart staff called my parents and promised that they would be there on 28th october to install the tv , but as usual they did not turn up , yet again my parents have had to cancel their previous engagements. This has happened more than 3 occasions – This is not the first time where in my parents had to call the Flipkart customer service, last year I have been a regular Flipkart customer, but seems like I would have to look somewhere else for a credible,reliable online shopping experience. Incompetent staff Greetings, Thank you for contacting us! This email is for your reference only. You do not need to reply to this mail. Your incident id is: 141025-066456 We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please find below, the summary of your request. Date: 25/10/2014 07.31 PM Issue: Order Delivery / Other Message: Hi Flipkart, I have recently purchased a Sony Bravia Smart TV worth around 84,900(for my parents, Im based overseas and my parents in Chennai. It has not been a smooth process so far for my parents, they are elderly citizens and it is not expected that they run from pillar to post , just to get a TV installed, They have been making calls to you guys and each and everyone has been directing them to someone else, I have not bought a small iron box, this is a tv we are talking about. Is that your service ? once the money is paid you dont care about the after sales service ? There has been no apology no reconfirmation about the installation , you have made my parents wait for 3 days , promising that the installation will be done and even messaged them but no one has even bothered contact them again. This is just ridiculous. We need answers . Does this mean a person has to be connected to either politicians or someone powerful to get a Tv installed ? Do le me know if you need a refer Customer Support http://www.flipkart.com

  22. Hi, Today, I had one of the worst customer service experiences with Flipkart. I had ordered a product on 6th Oct, which hasn’t been shipped as yet (as on 20th Oct). I called up the Cust Service no. and spoke with Amir Ali. His voice on the phone was that of compulsion….a total put off right away. He said nothing could be done and that the order should be delivered by 23rd Oct. My going on leave tomorrow had no impact on him. That I was going on leave and that there would be nobody at home was my problem. He refused to let me speak with the manager. When I insisted on doing so, he put me on hold for 6 mins (certainly unacceptable). He then told me that I will need to call later to speak with the supervisor. On asking for a call back, he bluntly said that the supervisor won’t call me back…..I needed to call. This experience was full of apathy on Amir’s end; he wasn’t interested in resolving any issue and spoke as if he was disinterested in anything. The service levels of Flipkart have definitely plummeted big time. The quality of people they have hired is sub par. I will be extremely wary of shopping on Flipkart. My issue still remains unresolved.

    • I can totally empathize with your situation. I had a very bad experience too. The executive actually called me up and was so rude that he even forced me to cancel my order even when I did not want to do so. Flipkart’s customer care executives will not try to understand, instead will force you to lose your calm to such an extent that you will end up yelling and then threaten you by telling you that they will disconnect the call.

  23. Dear All, I have ordered the Item through Flip-kart on 9th Oct Under the Order Ref# OD000960419363950100 & Expected to get the delivery by 16th Oct , But till 17th Oct ordered status was showing “Processing “where-in Flip kart website shows the delivery date on 16th Oct, When I called the Customer care they are saying that item will be delivered by 24th Oct ,Simply flip kart is making their customers Fool by giving False statements in their own website. When I asked about re-fund they are not ready to give .this is simplest way of making money by Flip kart.

    • Same thing happened to me as well. Booked a Moto G 2nd generation on 16th to gift on the 17th, I got a mail that the product would be delivered by 17th before 7 PM. But i havent. Customer care executives are so ruthless and they arent listening to the customers. After talking to the customer care, i got a mail that you query has been escaleted and the same will be resolved by 21st Oct. What nonsense? Is this the reason why I paid Rs. 90 extra? These idiots should not be in their business at all.When they dont know to keep up their promises, why should they advertise saying “guaranteed one day delivery”? Atrocious.

  24. Flipkart has now started playing around by the “Flipkart First” service. While taking the service – I was assured of “In a Day” shipment from WS Retail. It did work on the first transaction. But since then – whatever you try to purchase (all from WS Retail – per Flipkart First agreement), they all come under standard shipping. I tried reaching customer care on multiple occasions – they simply had no clue why this was happening. Then I wrote a mail to cs@flipkart.com – where Mr. Bharath took 2 days to respond staing – “not all the products you’ve ordered for are not available to the nearest hub”. How ridiculous – as for the last 2 weeks I never found a single product – which was available under In a Day shipment. I not only demand full refund, but compensation for the harassment. This is a pathetic downswing of such a great portal.

    • I had even bitter experience. though i bought the product on big day i.e 6th oct, i was promised for the delivery on 16th. till 5 when there was no status update on the site, i inquired on customer care. as usual the clue less crew there replied stating the solution on my problem will be responded on 20th oct, and don’r know when the shipment will delivered post that. Boss if you can’t manage then why are you running the business and making fool to the consumers. “cs@flipkart.com” is a one way communication, call center the Morons are sitting, actually you have no way to reach to management, i am now worried as i have bought this product on pre paid option, will i be getting the product or my money is safe?

    • thanks for the lousy start to 2015 ensured by FLIPKART to me. Call to customer service started at 23:27 31st Dec 2014 and lasted till 1:30:15 1st Jan 2015 (a full year). Call disconnected by TL Ahmed. 3 levels and can certify them all as excellent telephonic goons: Adil – Customer Associate reporting to: Nawaz – Floor Supervisor reporting to: Ahmed – Team Leader reporting as per their info to me. what i got for ordering: order rejected as per delivery though he never arrived nor was a given a call (its a cascading process as per Ahmed who loved to use the word cascading), ordered rejected at 9:05pm as per customer service despite order delivery to be before 9:00pm, order cancelled but not by me, refund initiated without my request. Moral of the story: Flipkart is greater than customer. for them its “Our Way or Highway”.

  25. jadhav sunita shivaji

    my name sunta jadhav. i am ordered 6th september 2014 moto g2 lounching day.onliine payment transper.but my product not supply. flipkart.com is very very bad service.

  26. Flipkart is Fit For nothing.. Very Bad Experience with motorola G 2n Gen. Replacement was Intiated Four Days back still not got Replacement Phone. Mail was Sent on 08-Oct-14 You will receive the replacement by 10-Oct-2014. False Commitment and NO Escalation Matrix available for such a E-Commerce online Business shame on them.!! Order No :OD000748054069933800

  27. as you send me a replacement it was not a fresh one i am not satisfied with your service it’s going on bad you people don’t ever think what a customer feel and how come we will purchase other item from your site one time purchase is OK for your company i think after that customer can go to hell My number is 9600592952 & mail Id virendharjain@gmail.com

  28. Dear Sir, I purchased washing machine from flipkart on 6th Oct 2014(big bang day) . The product was shown in stock and accepted payment from my card. After few minutes I got message from flipkart saying they have cancelled my order as it was in high demand and to give equal opportunity to all buyer. I have message and email for the same. Today i.e. on 8th Oct 2014, I again got email that it would be delivered by 21st Oct. I do not understand as flipkart had policy of no cancellation on big band day. It should apply equally on them as well. On first hand they accepted my payment then without my consent cancelled my order and after 2 days resumed my order(All without my knowledge) . I called there customer care executive and got response they can not help and cancel it(when they cancelled my order themself and status in my orders is still in cancelled state) . They have not provided any other email ids on there site for further escalations . After my order was cancelled from flipkart, I ordered it from other site. I have no utility for 2 washing machines at my home. I am planning to take my case to consumer court as I am very frustrated with my experience with flipkart and also with customer care helpless response. Flipkart is behaving in autonomous manner cancelling and resuming orders at their discretion. This is really pathetic and I have lost all trust in them(which I built over years). My order id was – OD000945418997047100 I am still getting its’ status as cancelled in my order history

  29. Guyz..Please dont buy products from Flipkart. They fool their customers. This incident happened with me on 6th October, the so called Flipkart Big Billion Sales Day!! I was very excited for the sale and waited for the whole day for a good offer to appear. Suddenly I found one,Moto E(Mobile worth Rs7000) was available at Rs 1500 on Flipkart. Attached is the screen shot of this offer. I ordered two mobiles(order id : OD3009448236423) and was very happy that at last my time got utilized and I cracked a good deal at Flipkart. After placing the order I received order placment confirmation mail as well. Suddenly after few hours, i received a mail from Flipkart stating that my order is cancelled and the money will be refunded in my account. I was shocked because the tag line of Flipkart’s sale day said “No Refunds & No Cancellations” when I called their customer care. and asked them to deliver my products, 3 representatives waisted my time and there names are: Vishal(Level1 Support), Bhavik(Level 2 Support), Shailesh(Assistant Manager). Shailesh said that right now he is not the correct person to answer my queries and will ask someone from the product team to call me on 7th Oct 8pm. I straightaway told them that i don’t want a refund I just want my products. But on 7th without my consent they forcefully refunded money in my Bank Account, which is totally unacceptable and I haven’t received any call from their product team. I am really shocked that a brand website can do such irritating act with their customer. I would urge you all to please like and share this post as much as possible so that these so called leading online websites learna a lesson that its not acceptable to make fool of customers and play with their emotions. I swear that from now onwards I will never ever buy a product from Flipkart. Very very Very Very Very very Very Very Very very Very Very Very very Very Very experience.

  30. Hi Team, I am very very upset while writing this mail. Flipkart Offered Big Billion Day offers to the world but I feel this was fake. I liked offer Nokia Lumia 1020 Combo Offer 16558 (further I would have paid thru Standard Chartered credit card to avail 10% discount), whole day I tried to order through my phone. But it continued to show technical problem. I called up Flipkart Customer Care also to take help, I waited for around 35 minutes to get call connected, but no one took the call. Now I need Flipkart should give place an order on my behalf, else I will go to public grievances forums. Attaching screenshot displaying offer for your reference. Regards Yogesh

  31. hi sachin your website FLIPCART has ruined my day , since morning i am trying to order for a magic fairy frock . I have wasted my whole day to order this frock but your website doesnt place my order . After long trials i had to quit , and when i tried after an hour it said the frock has been sold out . Your company flipcart is just not loosing one customer , you are loosing hundreds of customers due to your horrible service . Now i have got the same frock on jabong , in the same cost i have already placed a order for it . sorry to say but after this experience i nor my friends or relatives will buy from your website . : ( : p

  32. J.M.Virendhar Jain

    sir i have buy from your website moto g but u people sell worst product i am suffering lot with u r product many time i have mailed to your customer service and call moto service also not getting a response the only need money not a customer my mobile number is 9600592952 ( virendhar Jain) My mail id (virendharjain@gmail.com)

  33. Dear Sir, Ref:- Order Number:ODA7107095228MEPCV00 [Incident: 140913-000875] It is very bad experience this since i have started shopping with flipkart. More than 20 days passed neither I received my money back (against double payment) nor i received any proof of transfer of amount to the bank, if any. (NARENDRA SINGH) 981654275 8826178844

  34. Dear Flipkart, This is to inform you that the new Xolo Play Mobile which I received day before yester day getting almost the same issue. On every 15 minutes mobile gets hang and I had to pull off the battery every time and again 15 to 20 minutes facing the same issue. I am very disappointed and sad now what to do. I did hard reboot, Master Reset and different types of troubleshooting however problem remain same. I spend more than 12000 on the phone and not getting the result. I am very disappointed with Flipkart as I am a premium customer of your site purchase more than 5 mobiles in last 5 months and getting very bad experience?? I feel that this is a not authentic product?? I want different handset or refund the money. I want you to call me and arrange the return of this product. I can’t handle that crap product as I am frustrating on every 15 minutes by doing the same thing. Flipkart is now more than a billion $ company and I can’t expect this kind of service and product from Flipkart. Order ID:OD40816119287 Regards, Rakesh Singh 8447222333

  35. hello sachin, I am Nishi a CA student. I have a fantastic idea regarding a new type of web site which can be a big success. But since I am a Commerce student I don’t know how to create a web site. I want you to communicate with me so that i Can let you know. After all ideas matter more than capital itself. Waiting for your reply. Thankyou

  36. Dear Team, This is really surprising to get a the below response from your side after the confirmation of the order. This is totally not acceptable. I already confirmed the order yesterday in the evening by sending the message to you people and got the below response. Thanks for your response. As per the request, the following COD order is confirmed: OD300892114474254000 And I already told you people to get this order the most priority but unfortunately I am receiving such response from you people that I don’t responded to you guys. How come this is possible. I had called you people yesterday and changed the delivery address with the confirmation of this order. I need this order anyhow kindly check the same and revert on priority. Thanks Varnit Bisht

  37. this is totally proud by flipkart b’coze i am loging 1:50 PM and wait for Redmi 1s buy button just 2:00 PM i am click buy button bt out of stock show by flipkart 60,000 avalible is not sale 1sec ok i am registration every sale in redmi 1s but i am not purchase phone

  38. Hello Sachin, I have innovative Idea to improve business. Please let me know when can i come and present my Idea. My number 9845051151. Regards Yadu

  39. Flipkart is really worst company having all useless fellows as customer care executives. Definitely AMAZON is going to occupy the market.

  40. No one taking care of it. I have been continuously grilled by poor service from motorola and its customer service centers in chandigarh vignesh serice center Gone there to check my battery problem which used to drain with in 2 hours from complete charged even without using i.e. “Stand BY” But after having life changing experience from there my phone got fully scratched by those vignesh guys and they told battery now changed after 3 days and let us know if problem persist Like they guys dont have any responsibility to check and confirm Is customer totally free to roam around such employees who making people fool in daylight Now again after battery change battery life didnt working well Also the smart guy on reception told checked motherboard etc god knows what’s the problem But this something really frustrating only in 2-3 months this can happen to a device cannot imagine never happened to 500 rs phone

  41. dear sachin bansal ji,ceo, flipcart,this is regarding my oda7164961756mjb0v00. the oleba analog ladies watch was delivered to my friends address but its strip was broken.i requested for replacement.but your people are demanding the packet in which the watch was sent.who keeps the packet in this age of use and throw. further it is said that it should not be used. being an engineer you know very well that any thing can not be tested without using it.in stead of feeling sorry for delivering defective item to the customer you are dictating your terms???? therefore please tell your men to replace the watch with a good piece and keep the name’easy return”.

  42. I have placed order yesterday for WITH IN ONE DAY I have not received it yet and I am travelling today at 9 pm,why you flipkart charges extra if the service is not provided ,why do you mention if you cant better dont be fake. I will cancell now and henceforth will not use flipkart. your custmer care doesnt provide resolution. Very shameful.

  43. I bought two iphone from flipkart thats means from you, Iphone 4 (8,GB) and Iphone 4S (8,GB) That detail you can see below, At April, Its very shamful for you,you know why, Becaouse you provided me duplicate product, After i mailed to you than you excepted that you gave me duplucate product,after you mailed me that your courier partner will come and than he will pickup your product and after pickup product within 24,hours will come your amount in your flipkart account and after that will be forward in your bank account in 5,business day, Yes he came at 26,august 2014,and recieved the product and game me slip and 3,August 2014,i recieved my amount for iphone 4(8GB) 18644,Rs. Thanks for that, Now if you excepted that you provided me duplicated product so why are you not taking your second duplicate iphone 4S(8GB), You know Surcomtences against you,you excepted already that you provided duplicate products. And its section 420,act. If you do not want that will take any action against you, So please back your second duplicate product, (Details of products) Order ID: OD40331096777. This product we recieved amount,18644,Rs.in my bank account. …………………………. Order ID: OD40409090136. This product why are you not taking ? Please take this also and refund my amount, 22524.Rs. As soon, Thank you…

  44. I had ordered a Redmi 1 S on 2 Sep 2014 From my mail ID bbccrih@gmail.com & paid 5999/- from my SBI net banking & payment is successful. But when i go to track my order on 9/9/2014 order is showing that shippment returned while on 8/8/2014 it was showing that yet to ship . I have my order number OD40903019328. But i am surprised when i called flipkart customer care center they said this order has been returned due to damage or some other reason, so you have to again register and buy on next sell they launched a complain vide complain number is 140909038374. But till now at a customer point of view i had paid money in advance & got the product in sell now why should I go again with the processwhen it is not my fault, cause flipkart never despatched the product. Is this type of services provided by Flipkart. Mr. Sachin Bansal, this is how you want to grow your company ??My mobile Number is 9425277600. If i will not receive my order should I go to Consumer forum. Please suggest the way forward.

  45. I had ordered a Redmi 1 S From my mail ID manishahuja15@gmail.com & paid 5999/- from my icici bank credit card & payment is successful. But when i go to track my order no order is showing in my Mail ID .I have my order number screen shot vide ODA6504609789TJKHO00. But i am surprised when i called flipkart customer care center they said this order has been booked by another mail id i expalined them i have only one mail id that is manishahuja15@gmail.com & mobile number is 9818196364 they launched a complain vide complain number is 140903027852 . But till now at a customer point of view i had paid money in advance & struggling for my order is this type of services provided by Flipkart. Mr. Sachin Bansal, this is how you want to grow your company ??My mobile Number is 9818196364. If i will not receive my order or my money back please suggest the way forward.

    • Dear Mr. Sachin, same thing has happened to me today. CC is claiming that I have multiple ID so I am in bulk buyer category. when there is pre registration process, and I have a registered only one ID for this sale, how other IDs are coming into picture? and multiple ID were also ctreated because of server issue at the time of MOTO E sale. my order no is ODA7107251958HGUSH00, requested CC to revive the order after explaining every thing but no hope…. looks like they have blacklisted to buy anything because i used multiple IDs that too because of the server issue of flipkart,

  46. Hi, This is regarding an order i placed with your website and received on August 20,2014. I received Moto G phone along with a back cover. My order# OD40817189164. This product does not worth more than Rs.80/-. I have placed several orders in past as well with flipkart but never got product and service like this. As per your website, its key feature is to protect bumps and drops of phone. After looking at the product, i am not sure how it would do so. It is just a cover that will replace original cover. No added protection. I am not satisfied with the back cover and wanted to return it and for same reason called your customer care. Mr. Mohd Saif replied from your end and asked me to do it online. I tried doing that with him over the phone, but it did not work. During this time he explained me some features of this cover which are actually not correct. For eg. This cover has Matt Finish as per your Agent. He wanted me to call back and said next person will do it. When i asked if next person can, why cant he. Then i asked him to escalate the call to his Manager(senior), he replied that they are busy on another calls and can not answer right now. I decided to wait. But after some time he said he wont transfer the call. When i asked him to share name of his senior/Manager. He said it is his personal information and can not share. Please help me in understanding how is it a personal information? I never asked for his mobile no. or some other personal details. This kind of behavior is not expected from a reputed company like you. Kindly get this cover returned and offer me refund. Also please tell your agents to share correct information. They should gather complete information about the product before saying that over the phone. I posted this complain on Facebook. But no one bothered to respond. Same thing happens after sending mail to their customer service. Pathetic Company with worst services. Regards, Manoj Jain 9910839239

  47. pushp priyadarshi

    Hi, I purchased one HP laptop (OD40619067673) on 19th june from flipkart. on this particular day, paticular product there was 10% cashback with standard chartered credit card.But, till now i haven’t received my cashback. I called customer care with ( Prabhu J Bangalore ) and complaint number is 140813073765 , He is asking me for any snapshot, is it the way to get the cashback offer, its really strange.You guys don’t have History so that you can check on which date , on which product what are the offers, what kind of policy flipkart following, you should have backup of this information. I was not expecting this kind of service from flipkart :( Please resolve it ASAP and refund my 10% cashback, otherwise i will go to consumer court. Thanks, Pushp

  48. I had ordered a Moto G (16 GB, Black). The set i received was faulty. I made a complaint immidiately regarding the same. Your executive person is not picking up the item. He says that he can only pickup the item 10:00 a.m. . Moreover, he is rude and says he can’t pick up the item any time after 10:00 a.m. Please note that i am a working journalist with a leading news channel and hence i am not at your executive’s disposal at a time given by him only. Its been eight-nine days since placed my order. Kindly, show some professionalism and revert me ASAP with a solution. Regards, Aman Dwivedi 9811006959. Order ID: OD40802119217

  49. Hi, I am a regular customer of Flipkart. But since many times we are facing delivery problem. I would like to inform you that I booked a ASUS Zenfone 4 A400CG on dated 05.08.2014 for Rakshabandhan Gift and the company given me the excepted delivery date 08 August 2014. But till the time I have not received the Mobile phone, after that I call your customer care number 1800 102 3547 your representative told me that due to some courier agency problem the excepted date of delivery is 12th August 2014. I booked this phone only for gift purpose and after the festival I have no meaning for the mobile phone. so you are requested to please look into the matter and send the Mobile phone by tomorrow.


    Hi, I have ordered a Moto G and received defective set on 21/07/2014, after that i request for pick up the said phone and refund my cash, but till date your representative has not pick up the phone. ORDER NO.- OD40721041718

  51. Chandrashekar Suvarna

    Dear Mr. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, With reference to my order for a nissan remote controlled car (Order No. OD40721155576) with delivery date of 2nd August 2014 has not yet been delivered. I was informed that on 24th July 2014 it had reached at Bhiwindi to some Ekart Logistics who has no contact number nor the address was provided so I myself could help collecting the goods. I am writing you just to state that I saw your artical (A billion dollar bet: Seven reasons why Flipkart is hot in the market Hindustan Times-30-Jul-2014 Flipkart now worth $5 billion, sets sights on $100 billion tag Daily News & Analysis-29-Jul-2014 Flipkart raises $1 bn funding; company valued at $7 bn Zee News-29-Jul-2014 With a $1 billion funding round wrapped up, what next for Flipkart? Quartz-30-Jul-2014) many more are there. Its good to rise in net worth and winning over rival companies but more over then this If you prove your services as promised it would be more valued. Any one in Mumbai if he strives hard and with proper backup can rise from rage to a position he had assumed for himself but if the base on which he rises is weak then it is really bad for his rise which can crash any time. In the end I just request you that its not that we order goods for our loved ones but our sentiments are also connected with it, so please don’t play with sentiments.

  52. Lakshya Karnani

    To the CEO Flipkart.com Dear Mr Sachin and Binny Bansal This is to bring to your notice a case which happened with me On 11th July 2014 I placed an order for Asus Zenphone 5 Order ID OD40711011891 stating that it would be delivered to me when the phone comes in stock but today the 17th July when I checked the status of my order I am shocked to see that the order has been cancelled from the flipkart team no reason mentioned and I really needed this device to gift it to someone special as a birthday gift on 19th July 2014. More over i came to know that the phone is now out of stock though it came in stock in between then I need to know the resin why the order was cancelled moreover when I called the Customer Service team they are telling me that the order was cancelled as I dint answer my phone for confirmation which is utter lie and highly not acceptable I too work for e-commerce Industry with one of your biggest Competitors as Manager India Operations and I know things don’t work like this. I would just like to bring to notice of everyone i know personally and everybody going though online post that please do not buy things from flipkart.com in case of urgent need as you may get doomed like me. More over flipkart.com customer service team has no solution to give me but a single work “Sorry ” but i may ask you will that “Sorry” fulfill my dream of gifting my loved one Asus Zenphone 5. I would not recommend anyone to buy from flipkart.com in the hour of need as you guys will be Sorry for your self. Thanks and Regards Lakshya Karnani +9650965553 +9990965553

  53. Raghunath.Babu

    My Bad experince dealing with FlipCart – OD40616092065 – Incident: 140619-044480. I wanted to purchase a home use Fire Extinguisher. Initial searches lead to get images of a fire extinguisher and I ordered for it. To my surprise I found a piggy bank delivered. The image on the site was MIMICing a live fire extinguished, with caution details and its dimensions of a real one. Though there is return/exchange policy, the customer care team is highly negligient to deal and suggest to escalate the matter to ‘resolution@flipcart.com’. I have not received any acknowledgement from the resolution team. Guys, WHOM are u intended to cheat. My local stores will be glad to exchange for a product which is NOT the intended / match my expectation. Mr. Sachin Bansal, this is how you want to grow your company ??

  54. hi these flipkart people don’t give product displayed online. this is shameful act from flipkart.

  55. Mr Sachin Bansal I ordered for Micro-max Canvas 2 Colors A120 (Grey) that was promised to be delivered to 26 June 2014 but was not Delivered I waited for one more day and then again called on Saturday morning to Customer Care executive asking for the reason behind the late delivery they told they don’t know the reason behind it but don’t worry it will be delivered on next 24 hrs I asked them give me accurate date he told may be today evening or tomorrow I told them but tomorrow is Sunday how can it be delivered on Sunday he replied that some of our courier partners work on Sunday also ,Sunday gone, Monday gone, 24 hrs past, Tuesday Morning again I called to what you call Customer Care executive for name shake because they don’t have any information with them only they know to throw their repeated script my name is …… how may help you as if they will give you product immediately ,he told me that it will be delivered by evening but again fake promise not delivered the Complaint No(140628012671) again I called on Wednesday Morning again, I am hoping that Someday I will receive my Mobile

  56. Mr.Bansal, I have placed for 3 books today but at different times. I hope you would care to consolidate the order as one and send the books in one pack giving due concessions. I am a retired sports officer. Infact I had all these books and many for which I am going to place orders in due course. Sorry to say that who ever borrowed from me these books from me never cared to return them them. I hope flipckart would be able to supply the books I have mind for which I shall keep searching and placing orders. Wish you all the best

  57. Do you think flipkart pays its affiliates? I have reached my payment threshold long back, still not payment done yet,despite sending required documents. Please help, send me ceo email id.


    I purchased a mobile on flipkart & phone is not working. even not in ON condition. Battery is totally damage. Your seller has denied to change the phone. Look into the matter otherwise i am going to consumer court.

  59. Hi Mr.CEO we have been fighting for refund feom past one month but worst response from your people Incident: 140404-027048 . they keep calling daily without doing anything if u don’t have better process of refund better close this company. Why the hell do you play with customers. Need your response if you are responsible.

  60. Hi Sachin, Sorry to inform the horrible service I have got from Flipkart. I have purchased a Samsung phone and cover. the order was placed and approved on 2nd Mar. I got email as well as sms that the order will be delivered by 4th Mar. yesterday when I checked I was informed that by today 5th Mar it will be delivered. today I followed up with your folks since morning and got different version. morning the agent told that he has escalated and it will be done today by anyhow. in the afternoon when I contacted, the other person said he has escalated and he will ensure that it will be delivered in another 2 days time, i.e. by 7th Mar. I have all these communication over chat recorded. if you want I can share with you. I will not recommend anyone to buy from flipkart.

  61. i got a slow defective piece of lenovo laptop costing me around 40k. wid that flilkart assured of a redeemption offer, i tried to register my laptop bt registration website said that my product is not eligible for the offer. there were also minute scratches on the laptop, it works very slow, drivers were not working and voice was too low. i continuously contacted cc and after two weeks i convinced them for a refund. but now they are asking me for the product box. bt because i have been shifted to another city, i dont have the box. and i cant even get that, now i dont know what should i do.!!

  62. Flipkart guys stop UNETHICAL business practices..

  63. Hi , I’m having similar issues with flipkart , my father’s debit card was hacked by someone and ordered items worth 1,70,000 , I contacted flipkart and refunded ard 97000 but they told items worth 50000 are already shipped …and asked me to contact them via BANK …bank contacted them ..but they are not giving the shipping address of the benefiacry.

  64. Hello Mr. Bansal, I was also a big fan of Flipkart and few days back ordered for a watch for me, when it reached me today I have seen that watch is completely not appropriately suitable for me. I had read FAQ and clearly written that customer can return the material and for the same I had emailed to customer care but they had deny for the return policy. Since afternoon I was mailing but no one had bothered to call me even from customer care division. When evening I had asked to file a case into consumer court then got call from customer care and again same things shared to me which I had received on mails. Tomorrow I am going to file a case against Flipkart and as a responsible person I will also add your name Mr. Sachin Bansal. After file case I will also call Press / Media at home and arrange a interview on this. I will hand over all the details to Media / Press along with clearly name of Flip Kart. I would request you to do not try patience level of customers. Regards, Sagar Chapanera 9909980304

  65. Dear sir, I want Flipkart customer care call center in lucknow. please help me how will i get… plzzz mail me all details…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  66. Dr Ashok Khosla

    Dear Sachin and Binny Bansal In February 2013, I purchased a product critically needed for treating an illness for Rs 18,500 from Flipkart. The item carries a 1 Year Warranty. Within 3 months, despite personal and careful handling, it stopped working. Since then, for the past 4 months, I have been carrying on a weekly correspondence with both Flipkart and the vendor (iRest Technologies Pvt Ltd), all to no end. Meanwhile my medical treatment has been at a standstill for this entire period, causing considerable pain and concern. Both companies keep promising to replace the item immediately but so far no action has been taken. I have been lied to over and over, being told that the replacement item will be shipped within two days on several occasions and once even that it had already been shipped. Mr Venkatesh Prasad, the Manager of iRest Technologies has consistently lied to me about the replacement. I have talked to several senior managers at Flipkart, including Girish B., Agun Pamei and Shubajit who on each occasion re-ask time consuming questions about the order – information, it turns out that they all along have on the screen in front of them – followed by a promise of immediate redressal but then they do absolutely nothing. I am forced to conclude that they are not just liars and swindlers in their own right but are following company policy and a deteriorating corporate culture. Flipkart and iRest seem to be becoming online frauds and offline bandits. All I want now is to get my money back. It is pointless getting a replacement from iRest, given their lack of ethics, I will only get a used or second-hand item with limited life. I feel totally cheated and plan to take this issue to the consumer court in New Delhi and to the public through the Internet, unless I receive a bank draft of Rs 18,500 before the weekend (5 October 2013). It’s going to be awfully difficult for either your company or the ones you source from to maintain the customer and investor base they will need in the future with this kind of track record or corporate attitude. Just look at the complaints on sloppy customer service on the Flipkart Facebook page, their blog and the rest of the Net. Dr Ashok Khosla

  67. sarabjit singh bakshi

    TO , THE CEO OF FLIPKART . https://www.facebook.com/flipkart/posts/10151815679523559?comment_id=27946832&offset=0&total_comments=8&notif_t=feed_comment An experience on similar lines .

  68. Hello Mr. Sachin, I share the view of some of the folks here… the experience with flipkart is going down for sure and the customer service is on the decline. I purchased a mobile phone from flipkart and upon using for only 2 weeks the phone started to perform poorly – hanging and slow and unable to connect to internet. I called flipkart to lodge a complaint and to return the product. Two calls and nothing happened. There was a call from flipkart the first time around, but given I was in office, could not take the call. No one bothered to call a 2nd time. I again called flipkart and a complaint was taken again. This time no response from flipkart. I called a third time (all within 5 days) and I insisted I talk to a supervisor. He told me that I have purchased a phone which has a “damaged product” return policy of 10 days and that given I purchased from a retailer, the 30-day replacement policy does not apply. I read through all the contents and no where was I able to get this message. It is disappointing to note a company such as flipkart is spiraling down and does not care about its customers. I am unsure if this message will get the required audience, but anyway thought of penning down my sorry experience with flipkart.

  69. Hi, I had bought Samsung Galaxy Grand on 20 of May 2013 under the promotional program of 15% cash back on ICICI credit card. The cashback was to be credited to customer’s credit card account by 16of June. But I haven’t got the cash back yet. I contacted ICICI bank and as per them he credit transaction has to be done from Flikart’s end. I have been writing to Flipkart with all the details (including bank account and credit card account details) for over 1.5 months now but their dumb staff is just stupid and is lingering on with this issue. They are just simply replying that the credit would be done within 2-3 days and every time they are generating another service request number. Now, I feel that this cashback offer was just a lucrative act of ICICI and Flipkart to trap the innocent buyers. Could someone please forward my issue to Flipkart’s CEO Mr. Sachin Bansal so that he is aware what is going on openly. Thanks, Ravi

  70. Mahrukh R Umrigar

    Need Sachin Bansal’s email ID please

  71. Hi Sachin, Please check and update on my F&F as and iam waiting for this update from past 45 days. Regards

  72. Mr.Bansal, Improve your customer service else perish from the market

  73. And they made it again. https://www.facebook.com/flipkart/posts/10151656087733559 Hello Forum Members and attn: Mr Bansal, CEO, FlipKart.com ( if you are reading this ). Hi, I had ordered (OD30620064172) Lowepro Flipside 500AW camera backpack for my Ladakh trip which is starting coming weekend considering the maximum shipping time as mentioned on the flipkart.com. Firstly the wrong bag was delivered to me and upon calling customer care representative the replacement case has been opened to correct this order and the I was assured that I it will be shipped before my departure. However I do not see any progress in this regard since last 3 days. Today I called flipkart.com again and spoken to lady named Soumya. After certain time she ignorantly disconnected the call and I was redirected to feedback IVR. PLEASE NOTE: If I do not get this shipment before Friday EOD, I will have to reject this order and demand for refund (no store credits).

  74. Ramkumar Manishankar

    Hello Forum Members and attn: Mr Bansal, CEO, FlipKart.com ( if you are reading this ). My mails to your Customer Service ( Some serious shaping of some softskills needs to happen in your CS dept – they do not even know how to handle a customer and like a parrot repeat the same story again and again ), gets a standard reply This mail is the followup for a book which was made available on Pre order. Granted, that at the time of preorder, you might not know the release date, but if the same case remains after 2 months, does that show a lack of understanding customer’s problems or complete apathy – where will the customer go… duh duh duh ) Order no:OD30329093133 Date ordered: March 29, 2013. Will I EVER GET A COMMIT ON THE DELIVERY DATE? Regards Ram

  75. Dear Sir, This is Dattu from Bangalore, I found a defect which is done by Test Engineers / S Soft Engineers, which is making your business in loss, please free to contact me. Thanking You Dattu M K

  76. Dear Sachin, This is Dattu, I found a defect in Flipkart.com, please contact me to discuss.

  77. Chandan Agrawal

    Dear Sachin, Greetings! I have purchased 4-5 products till date from flipkart and was the fan of flipkart but a recent indecent with flipkart making me to change my mind , trust level has gone down. I will tell you in brief about the problem On 1 st May 2013, I saw the listing for Epson l800 printer, Status was “Available”, I placed an order for Epson L800 printer, with the prepaid payment option. expected delivery date was 11th of may 2013. I was waiting for the tracking number as everyday customer care people were telling that the procurement is in process and we will deliver the product by 11th of may, so i was quite. Then as i didn’t receive any tracking details by 8th of may, so i just sent a mail saying that where is my order, i got a revert that ” we couldn’t procure the product and it may delay by 2-3 more days “. Then I asked them to deliver the product on time otherwise compensate me for same, so I got a revert of Rs. 500 compensation, I didn’t accept then person called Imranulla requested me to wait for 1-2 more days to get back on compensation on 9th may evening. At evening time around 7.30 , suddenly I got a mail/sms that OD30501063319 have been cancelled due to unavailability with supplier. Is it because i demanded for the compensation ??? Now the next question, if the product status was available at the time of placing the order then how come Flipkart is cancelling the order and saying that ” order have been cancelled due to unavailability of the product “. Flipkart come to know the unavailability of the product after 8 days of placing the order ???? There are so many question’s are arising & even now i doubt whether i will purchase anything from flipkart in future or i will allow any of my friends to purchase anything from flipkart. Can flipkart return my time wasted from 1st may to 9th may, It’s not even 9th may. Now i will have to wait for placing any other order on any other place as my money is also blocked because of this transaction and will be refunded in next 7 working days. So its a total loss of more than 15 days. Do you think this is the professional way of treating a loyal customer??? There is no revert of the compensation demanded after this ” UNEXPECTED CANCELLATION DONE BY FLIPKART ” I feel the corrective action will be taken by flipkart. Wish you good luck. Regards, Chandan Agrawal

  78. Dear Sir, Greetings from Bangalore, I hope you’re in fine touch and cherishing prosperous times. Without taking much of your valuable time or getting too Formal, I intend to share with you some thoughts with an idea of getting precious inputs from your end, afterall i would consider myself lucky to have you on my side for such honours and being upfront i feel it is important to add a different aspect and a dimension to Ecommerce to make it stand out amongst many E commerce sites out there, hence I feel keeping it an Ecommerce site if it has a traffic attracting concept to it, Would catalyse sales also make it more popular globally. I sincerely wish of kick starting my own new concept of Creating a Unique Social networking site/.portfolio which is a project that I have been on since my inception to this city. I have reasearched quite a bit with domain and technology providers such as GO DADDY.com/Socialgo.com etc. Although being honest to you I do not have all the knowledge and definetly the experience to launch something at this magnitude, hence I come to you for your aid on the same. Mentioned below are some of the newer concepts where i have verified we stand unique from the thousands of Social sites out there. request you to please spare some time and a thought to implement this concept, which is validated as one of a kind….. Well atleast till now before some one thinks about it. Seeking your positive support to help me come up and get my family a gift of quality life. Some USP’s of the site……Mysocialspace/hub.com Create friends network – earn rewards Post Feedback on Social issues Learning & develeopment – Certifications(ISO,ITIL Consultants –Webinars/Seminars etc) ETc….Etc….these are only few point that i wish to incorporate into my site, I have been researching hard (I Think) on the same, you could only help me make it happen with your involvement on this project and may be start an Indian version of FB. Thanks a ton Already sir. Your’s truly. Rohan. 9916530044. India.

  79. Thanks your review savedmy money and harrasment from Flipkart

  80. I also agree that Flipkart’s service is getting worse by the day. In particular their reverse logistics is pathetic and you can’t expect any cooperation from Flipkart customer care. I ordered few clothes from Flipkart. Unfortunately, for few of them, size was not appropriate and I requested for exchange. For one item, they didn’t have the desired size for replacement and I was told that the amount will be refunded for it. I have been trying for past 15 days, and customer care guys always assure me that in 1-2 working days they will resolve the issue. I am still waiting. There has been no response. Its like if I am needy I should pursue them, they just don’t care. I have been a flipkart customer since long. Luckily, I have learnt the lessons at not a very great price. Thank God! it was not some expensive electronic appliance. it was just a shirt. Its not a matter of few hundred or few thousand. Its a matter of commitment. No business can survive if they start taking their customer for granted.

  81. Nitin Gaopande

    Hi Sushrut, is this solved by FK? Can you comment? Recently the iStone issue also came up. DId Saching Bansal respond to this?


    My son ordered Samsung Galaxy worth Rs 18999.00 Order NO 21224031715 on 24th December 2013 TRANSACTING The amount before delivery and recieved a tampered parcel . He has returned the parcel as guided by customer care with assurance to get amount refunded.Till 4th March 2013 response to multiple calls were please wait we are processing.Mr. Bansal how long your people will keep stretching it?

  83. The latest Fraud of Flipkart. See @ http://www.flipkart.com/micromax-superfone-ninja-a50/product-reviews/ITMD93FAVZ3JSBMJ?pid=MOBD93YN2UH25QMW&sort_order=most-recent

  84. I have faced a similar problem though not for the same product. I had shopped earlier on Dec 12th and my debit card was charged twice and only one product has been delivered to my place. I have sent 3 letters to the customer care but apparently theyr least interested in doing their job. This is harassment for online shoppers.

  85. Sarasa Vasudevan

    could you share the email id of Sachin/Binny Bansal? thanks

  86. Poornima Ramgopal

    Placed an order on 12th nov 2012, order no OD21112181990.The courier tracking page says that the consignment has reached the local office on 16th nov.Till now the courier is not delivered.Neither have I received a call from the courier.On contacting flipkart customer care multiple times, they say, they don't have the contact details of the courier and that they cant assure the delivery of the courier..These people are totally irresponsible for prepaid orders..If it was a COD, they would have called 100 times by now.Shame on you Flipkart.

  87. Hi can anyone tell me the email id of Mr. Sachin Bansal ??

    • Santosh Ramanand

      The true colors of an organisation are known by the way they handle customer service. Flipkart is exposed about the bad service. Today I am stuck with a defective Laptop supplied on 24th Aug 2013. Inspite of repeated followup and emails I get is empty promises that it will be attended to in 24 Hrs. Thanks to media such organisations get exposed and customers become wary.

  88. Ravinder Khullar

    Dear Sachin Bansal I had used your website for the first time on November 15,2012 for buying a Foot and Leg massager vide order No. OD21115150318. The delivery was expected within 72 hours.Despite of my umpteen calls at your customer service numbers, I have not been able to even track the shipment which is stated to have been made on November 17,2012. Every time your customer support executives are asking me to weight for a day more. Nobody is aware of the status of the shipment. I have seen all the above mails and wished that i would have seen these before placing the order or placed the order as Payment against delivery. I am stuck now as I have already made the full payment of Rs.12999/-. I request you to personally look into the matter and get the product delivered without any further delay. in case you are also not able to track the shipment and deliver, please arrange for the immediate refund of the amount already paid. Thanks Ravinder Khullar 9810146550

  89. Hi before blaming customer care please try to point out higher management people what ever those people trained they have go according to procedure.seriously personal experience with flip-kart higher management have extreme attitude.They will think about how to make people fool around.From H.R trainers assistant manager .They don’t know how to behave with employees also and flipkart mainly concern about cash on delivery not on online payment.its worst flipkart.

  90. The same thing happened to me in terms of refund to the bank/credit card. There was too many conflicting information within the customer care agents. I think their software is not showing them whether the refund was done or not. Here is proof on conflicting emails from the customer care personnel’s. Check this. First Email: “We are glad to confirm you once again that we have already initiated a refund of Rs.9180/- to your card/bank account on November 10, 2012. However, due to the standard banking procedures, this amount will reflect in your account by 7-10 business days.” This is from vinay Second Email: Thank you for writing in. ‘We are glad to confirm you once again that we have already initiated a refund of Rs.9180/- to your card/bank account on November 10, 2012. However, due to the standard banking procedures, this amount will reflect in your account by 7-10 business days.” This is from Ramya.

  91. I placed an order for Antivirus on 9th NOV. Today is 15th NOV. Still not rcvd it. The Flipkart people called and said there is some pincode issue. they re-chkd with me the pincode. But it was right. They said it was some pincode issue. When I contacted my friends who use FLIPKART for shopping, all of them said that all of them got the same EXCUSE from flipkart when the delivery is delayed. Honestly man, If you guys cannot be honest with Customers, how can u expect us shoppin 2nd time. Frankly, Flipkart has lost its name past 1 year. Will never refer to my friend for shopping thru Flipkart.

  92. It has been almost a year since this letter and things remain the same: I had placed an order no. OD21106152769 on 6th Nov for a book which was due to be delivered on 14th Nov, which itself is a long time. But yesterday I got a call from the delivery boy that he has got a flat tyre and he will deliver it today morning. This was in spite of my calling customer support requesting to expedite the delivery. Today even after repeated follow-up by me the delivery has not yet been made. The local guys have stopped answering my calls. And on top of that they have updated the tracking status as “customer not available” which is an absolute lie. I was at my address the entire day yesterday! This is unacceptable behaviour and service form people who claim to be the best in the industry!!!

  93. Same thing happened to me today. This is not a big money, just 500 bucks for a pendrive. Pendrive was broken and I returned it. When I called them for refund, they asked me to wait 2-3 days while refund is processing. I received an email that my refund is completed and will be deposited in my wallet balance by Nov 9, 2012. But no refund, I called them again and you know what they said, ”many ppl are manipulating with returns so they want me to provide them a scanned copy of return receipt”, where the person who came to pick the return told me that they do not provide return receipt for the item worth less then 1000. So I am left with no pendrive and no money. Nice work Sachin Bansal, keep robbing your customers like that and you will beat the Microsoft one day. Also the customer care guys were too polite (they did not even allow me to say single word, just kept on singing their songs)

  94. Flipkart customer care is non existent

  95. sachin n binny, i’m pretty sure you are not gonna look through all the stuff that people have written out here regarding your compay’s service. zillions of rupees is comin in on a day to day basis right? so why care about customers!! i made the mistake of ordering from your website…not gonna go through the details coz i know for sure that you guys are not bothered….rest assured, i will not be ordering from you guys anymore. anyway good luck coz i dont think you guys are going to be around for long….. Regards, i-will-never-buy-from-flipkart-anymore.

  96. Jagatbandhu Pattnaik

    Now flipkart is a sinking ship. Flipkart has stopped shipping items (I wanted to place orders for a calculator, then for a mixer grinder) to smaller cities, even though reputed couriers like bluedart, dtdc, overnite express etc have services in my locality. I had purchased 20 items from flipkart in last one year, now they say “Due to some change in company policy your area is not serviced by our courier partner”. In stead of changing their courier partner they are asking me to move to another big city where they can ship the consignment !! Flipkart is going to down the shutter of their shop very soon. No more purchase from flipkart.

  97. To Mr. Sachin Bansal The CEO Flipcart Dear Sir, I would first of all like to compliment you on the wonderful concept of online store that you have offered us through Flipcart. For me, Flipcart has been the one stop solution whenever I need to buy anything online. However, I would like to bring to your notice that this time I faced a big problem getting the items that I had purchased for my kids for their birthday. I purchased 2 items viz. Order ID: OD20926191679 Item: Nano Speed Triple Loop Stunt Set Item: Disney Princess Baking Set Both had the same delivery address and of these, the 2nd one was (Disney Princess Baking Set) was delivered and the former hasn’t been delivered till date. The purchase was made on 25th Sept. When the item was not received within a week, I enquired withelpline email, Ms. Priyanka h your representatives and the courier person and got to learn that the item had been misrouted. Moreover when I write to your tells me that I am sending the wrong item order ID. Moreover she says we will get back to you in 2 working days? Dont you think it is ridiculous??? I am a Pharma Marketeer working as a Marketing Manager in Delhi, and I know the importance of a CUSTOMER and if I would be in your place would never make the mistake replying to a customer (who is already experiencing a delay) with a STANDARD STEREOTYPED MESSAGE “WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU IN 2 WORKING DAYS” … this is really ridiculous! We are in a Customer driven market, but I am sorry to say, but your representatives are still living in a Seller’s market. I have 20 other websites today – Jabong/ Crazeal/ Tradus… you name it! Anyway, post this lovely email from Ms. Priyanka which only added to my stress and the anxiety of my kids (kids dont understand MISROUTED….they only know that they didn’t receive their gift on their birthday because of Flipcart), I called up the helpline on 9th Oct and some Mr. Dev, told me that he would ensure it would be delivered within 2-4 days. Post this call, I should have received the dispatch details, which I didnt. I want to ask you few questions – 1. Am I not to be informed about the delay and reason? 2. Don’t I deserve an apology from Flipcart because of delay and not being informed about the same 3. Does Ms Priyanka think I have created the Order ID? I will only refer to the ID sent to me by Flipcart 4. Mr Dev said that the item will be delivered. Why were dispatch details not sent to me? 5. Do you think I will ever buy from Flipcart considering so much stress and followup needed ? 6. What do you think should be the compensation for this Harrassment ? (I would account it as harrassment as I am a very busy marketing professional and am writing this mail during my office hours, leaving all my important work aside.. which is not ON) I am not supposed to followup on getting work done from Flipcart. I dont think I am paid for that! I expect a reply on each of these questions from you. I have also written to you on Twitter as I didnt have your email ID (Other CEOs e.g. Mr. Kishore Biyani/ Mr. Prataph Reddy etc. share their email IDs so that they can keep ears open to what custoemrs have to say) Sir, lastly I would like to tell you that I am voicing my experience to you as I had no other choice. No one from your HELPLINE seems to emphatize. In no way do I intend to hurt anyone through this mail. I would be thankful if you can atleast get the item I have purchased delivered to me in 1 piece. Thats the least expected! Have a Good Day! Regards Hazel

  98. Very weird services by Flipkart, this was laptop which is a big thing, they took a month to process a Pendrive and ultimately they could not deliver it. thank God i purchased it locally on time. Every tom dick n harry these days open a company and ensures a world class service, but then their inability to manage things or team comes out. i would never suggest flipkart to anybody.

  99. Ref My Order placed with your company Order ID: OD20917111879 Tracking Id: MP00786262 for a smasmsung camera on the 19th…the tracking details show that it reached ghaziabad facility on the 22nd of September.. till now the parcel has not been delivered and your customer execs apologize for this and say they can only deliver it by 3rd of October 2012 and I will be out of town from 1st to the 5th October.This has been a very very bad experience with flipkart…i really feel disappointed..yours was the only online store which put my faith in online shopping. I was extreme disappointment I have had to cancle the order for a refun as they couldn't deliver the package by today 29th Sep 2012..i was assured by one of your exces on 26th Sep 2012to expedite my order on priority and try and have it delivered by 28th Sep 2012 but that was not supposed to be. Otherwise no complaints at all..great products good prices..this was just a terrible terrible let down.

  100. We are pleased to inform you that we have shipped the items in your order OD20905080819 and this completes your order. Outstanding Amount payable at Delivery : INR 536 Item/s Shipped: Qty Item Price Shipped SubTotal 1 Philips Shm 2100u He…. INR 536 1 INR 536 Total :- INR 536 I purchased the above ITEM and TODAY I have got it from BLUE DART and when I opened it headset got scratches like its been used before,and when I checked it further I found more of them,…. VIZ ITS USED ITEM !!!! I wont return this because it comes with INR 536 and I don’t have time to waste for this; but Now I know about FLIPKART.com !!!

  101. Mr Sachin Bansal Promoter Flipkart.com, 1. Dear Mr Bansal, I have a serious complaint against Flipkart; which is yet to be redressed by your CS team even after my making dozens of calls to your CS supervisors and lapse of more than two weeks. On 26 Aug 12, I booked the following consignment and paid online using my SBI credit card: Order Id : OD20826100180; Rs 18,099/- Item: Sony Xperia Neo L (White) 2. The consignment was to be delivered to my son Rahul Sengupta within 7-8 working days i.e. by 01-02 Sep 12. I was tracking the consignment on overnite express website. It was mentioned that the item has been shipped from Bangalore on 27th Aug 12 to Kolkata. I was in touch with overnite express in Kolkata and till 31st they meintained that the item was never handed over to them by the Flipkart shipping team. 3. On 31 August 12, I lodged a complaint vide complaint No. 120831-009857 for non delivery of above mentioned order. I was promised repeatedly by your team leaders Mr Tibin, Mr Swapnil and Mr Sandeep that the item will be delivered within 2 more days i.e. by 3rd Sep 2012. The item did’nt reach. 4. On 3rd Sep 12, I cancelled the order and got a confirmation mail that the order has been cancelled and the money will be returned to my account within 7-8 days and in any case latest by 14th Sep 12. Today is 2300 h on 8th Sep 12 and the money is not yet returned back to my account. 5. I had made up my mind to approach Min of Consumer Affairs with my complaint but my previous good experience with Flipkart prevented me from doing so. 6. Please direct your team to take necessary steps and return the amount to my credit card account as per promise i.e. latest by 14th Sep 12. 7. I wanted your personal mail id but Mr Rajeev, one of your TL, gave me this CS id and promised that this mail will reach you. I sincerely hope it does. Warm Regards, D Sengupta N Delhi


    Dear Sachin I wanted to upgrade the RAM of my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. I had gone through Flipkart website and found Transcend 2 GB RAM (JM800QLU-2G) and immediately placed an order for purchase of the same vide OD20829190293 convinced that this will meet my need. The consignment with tracking number BC01730653 was delivered to at 11.50 a.m. on 31.12.2012. On unpacking flipkart upper packing and from a peep into the transparent Transcend packing, I realized that the RAM would not fit in my laptop and was meant for PC. Frankly speaking, that moment, I was not even aware that the RAM meant for laptop is different from the one used in a PC. Immediately, without even touching the Transcend original pack, within 10 mts. of taking delivery, I had contacted the Flipkart stating the inadvertent mistake and requested for replacement with a RAM compatible with my laptop. They refused to my request stating that they have no Policy of replacement/exchange. My repeated requests did not move them. The original packing of Transcend was not even touched by me. I am not a technical man. I genuinely require a laptop RAM, but the RAM received would not fit into my laptap. I had just asked for the right RAM for use in my laptap. I am not asking for any refund. BUT FLIPKART REFUSES TO BUDGE AN INCH. The policies made by Flipkart are meant for smooth functioning of the entire system. I do not think that a policy should not come in the way of solving a genuine hardship caused to a customer and protect the interest of a genuine customer. Flipkart can always rise to the occasion and make an exception in the case of a genuine hardship to a customer and one would appreciate such a policy. It will go a long way in creating a lot of Goodwill for Flipkart. It is not as if one has to go to a Constitutional amendment requiring assent of President of India. Hopes Flipkart would move now. Flipkart can raise a bill for any additional cost, if involved. Best Wishes V. Vijay Kumar, IRS (Retd.)



  105. Avinash Pratap Singh

    Hi all, I am the next into the list.I ordered Airtubz headset from flipkart with excitement because this one is very special headset which reduces mobile phone radiation upto 90%.I was very cautious while ordering it because it is simple to ask questions like whether it will work with my mobile set or not and confirmed it number of times before ordering it. Now when it was delivered the pleasant journey ended with that date.Called them number of times response was quick and they told me to sent the snap of y cellphone .I sent it number of time time they did not receive it I tried another id as well but was in vain .They simply refused that they can not help me further in this case . And funny part is that now my cellphone set comes under incompatible list with that particular head set.

  106. I too faced a similar issue from flipkart. They sent me a poor quality item, then refused to replace it.

  107. Pathetic service and customer support does not even know how to behave. I'm afraid, why do people order things from Flipkart. Everyone should boycott ordering products from such bullshit shopping websites. If anyone in Flipcart looking over customer grievance, can contact me at 851-207-4554.


  109. flipkart.com has got one of the worst services that I have never experienced on any online portals. After paying for MP3 songs download, they give an option of downloading the songs, but the link doesn’t work. It throws out an Error called 500: Internal Server error. If informed to the customer care, they simply say that “REFUND IS THE ONLY OPTION” and the support team is not providing any solution on this problem.

  110. Shankar Venugopal

    Flipkart service is real bad now – I have been using it for last 4 years and had recommended it to many of my friends – but today I felt cheated – I had placed order for some books – they cancelled the order without informing me. Their website shows that the book is available and can be supplied in 3-4 days – but when I called them, Ms P said that the book is out of stock. She further said that the same book is available at a higher price (imported edition). I am particular about the book and I am ready to pay a higher price – but they never advised me on the alternatives and cancelled my order on their own.

  111. Dear Team, Kindly check, you people committed the delivery till 3 working days from the order date. Now you people state for 5 – 6 working days. It’s really disgusting as compare to other e-commerce company. Trust my words, I want’ do further transaction with flip kart. FOR YOUR READY REFRENCE Regards PRANAV From: Flipkart Customer Support [mailto:cs@flipkart.com] Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 4:04 PM To: hopeindiapranav@gmail.com Subject: [ ] OD20609121929 from: hopeindiapranav@gmail.com [Incident: 120611-004767] Dear Pranav, Greetings from Flipkart! Order Id : OD20609121929 We would like to inform you that your order for the “Haier HWM60-10 Automatic 6 Kg Washer Dryer (White)” is in the process of fulfillment. Our product page mentions the delivery timings as 5 – 6 business days. The order would be delivered to you by June 16, 2012. Once the order is shipped, you would receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking details. It is expected to be shipped by June 14, 2012. Thereafter it will take 2 – 3 business days for the delivery of the same. As already informed, we will not be able to expedite the delivery as the order would be delivered by the above mentioned date. We request your kind understanding and patience in this regard Help us improve our customer service by sharing your feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Flipkart-customer-feedback-survey?c=120611-004767-164 Please write back to us should you have any other questions or need further assistance. Regards, Suja Flipkart Customer Support http://www.flipkart.com The Online Mega Store! Incident History Customer By Email (.) 11/06/2012 03.15 PM Dear Team, You people are not getting my point. I want my delivery with in next 24 – 48 hrs as the time frame committed by you people was 4 – 5 days. Can you people try your best effort to get it done. Regards *PRANAV* On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Flipkart Customer Support wrote: > ** > > > Response Via Email (Hema) 11/06/2012 02.50 PM Dear Pranav, Greetings from Flipkart! Order Id : OD20609121929 We would like to inform you that your order for the “Haier HWM60-10 Automatic 6 Kg Washer Dryer (White)” is in the process of fulfillment. The order would be delivered to you by June 16, 2012. Once the order is shipped, you would receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking details. However, we regret to inform you that will not be able to expedite the delivery as the order would be delivered by the above mentioned date. Customer By Email (.) 11/06/2012 01.00 PM Date: 2012-06-11 12:56:02 From: hopeindiapranav@gmail.com Order ID: OD20609121929 Dear Team, Is it feasible for you to shipped the product till Wednesday as there might be possibilities for me to go outstation for urgent office work. Kindly do revert asap. RGD PRNV [—001:001889:54909—]

  112. Go to consumer court immediately. I am sure you will get benefit.

  113. Kannan Kerala

    MyDeals247 MyDeals247… I loved its new eCommerce concept.

  114. Hello Mr. Bansal, Hope sitting at a very high position u r not even bothered to read all these comments. Why the hell are flipkart people playing around with Common man’s money??When it comes to refund, u guys never bother to process and ur people at Customer care speak of RBI guidelines……!!!!!What the hell do you think you are doing…First, train your customer care people about how to handle things as well as how to speak to customers…..because I have got to hear 4 different versions of dialogues from your customer care people in a single day….How many days does it take for you to refund amount after the consignment has been reverse picked up??as per your guidelines 20..!!! Since April 18th I hope Flipkart people were sleeping hearing to lullabies from Sachin aswell as His bro…. To hell with you people..I have got all the recordings of all the four versions of my conversation with your HIGH END Customer care people. Face me in the court and I mean it….because till date my cheque has not reached me….

  115. I was a big fan and regular customer of Flipkart.com. Recently I bought a phone from Flipkart. The sealed package arrived after two days. I opened the package, there was NO PHONE inside. Just visualize the situation – a sealed box, all the phone accessories are inside, except the phone.I have reported the issue immediately. Now whenever I call I get reply from Flipkart that they are investigating the issue. Now what happens to my phone, nobody from Flipkart has any idea. I am really frustrated with Flipkart post sales service and delivery commitment. #Flipkart #BadService

  116. Hi I was informed by your courier partner BlueDart that my order through Flipkar.com cannot be processed unless the form16 is submitted. And they advised me to contact your customer support. Since then (9/05/2012), I have been keeping in touch with your customer support executives. And I was assured by your customer support executives that I will be able to collect my ordered product within 2 to 3 business days. So I waited till Saturday (12/05/2012). But I got a mail mentioning that there will be another delay of 2 to 3 days in delivery. And today (15/05/2012), I contacted the BlueDart and unfortunately they were telling that the issue of Form 16 was not resolved by Flipkart. I again contacted your customer support executive and I didn’t get any clear picture about the delivery. They were simply bluffing that the issue of Form16 has been resolved from their side and I will be able to collect my ordered product within the next 2 to 3 business days. Later I got a call from customer support telling that I will be able to receive the goods withing 2 to 3 business days. Then I mentioned the problem of Form16. And now I got a mail to submit the form16 inorder to get my product delivered. I have gone through the document that which you had sent. It is a taxation rule for Kerala State amended in the year 2005. But I remember your customer support executives saying that this Form16 rule was newly introduced by Kerala State Govt and the Govt keep on changing these rules and that is why they were unaware about these issues. There is already a delay of six days. And you are asking me to fill up the form16 only after 12 days the order was given? This really indicates your bad responsibility. You have never mentioned in your web site about the submission of Form16 in any occasions. Customer purchases goods online, since they don’t want to go to shops. But now you are telling me to submit the Form 16 to your outlet somewhere in Trivandrum. It is my responsibility to clear the Form 16 issue. Your have been in this field for some period and don’t you even know the basic rule to deliver a product? Or else you should have mentioned this issuing of Form16 to your outlet. Your are keeping on changing your assurances. This comes under betrayal. It is my responsibility to submit form16 at your outlet and I don’t have time to submit that. I don’t have any idea about some of the fields mentioned in the form that which you have sent me. You have to clear it from your side.

  117. Maj. Gen SD Sood

    Dear Mr. Bansal, I am an author and a publisher. Had supplied nine books for sale and return to your organisation in July last year. My contact man was Varun Aggarwal who was very nice and signed a SOR Contract that assured me of quarterly reports followed by monthly reports. Nothing happened till two/three reminders. Finally in December i was informed that three copies of “Leadership FM Sam Manekshaw had been sold. I was in regular touch to get my money that was promised in a day or so. That day is yet to arrive and I have now decided to give up as a foul debt. This is for your information. My co. is SDS Publishers, 1709, sector-29, NOIDA.

  118. My experience with filpkart was more or less satisfactory, but the latest experience is quite bad. Their customer Service is in shambles and they openly say that they can’t help you. My consignment was due on 13th, but it was not delivered till this day and representative are not ready to give a definite date of delivery. As I have to go out of the town, I had to cancel the order.

  119. If you make your “reputation”, and “business stuff”, and “promises” dependent on a laptop delivery and replacement, you are not a true entreprenuer. You are just a crybaby!!

  120. I am facing a similar issue with Flipkart. I bought Samsung Galaxy R from Flipkart, as it is a faulty product I requested them to exchange it but they are so reluctant to do so. Every time I speak to CS they tell different things. Finally, they accepted that it is a faulty one and agreed to replace the product but since last three days whenever I ask them whether did they arrange for a reverse pickup they say we will raise it today and it will take another 72 hours.. What the hell.. 72 hours is constant.. Pathetic…

  121. Baby Deals Online

    Retailing in tough in India.

  122. Arey Ek to wo banda aapka laptop wapis lene aaya and aap ghar par nahi they. Aur is se jyada bechara kya karega? U are not the only customer right? Jo hua wo jane do abhi. let bygones be bygones. Nahi lena hei to mat lo flipcart se… I don't know why people don't step outside their house and go to the open market where they can really get a better deal and real people for any thing… specially Laptops. Its not USA where u get things cheaper online then in Store. Its India and reverse is true.

  123. I have bought books from flipkart.com and have always been happy & satisfied with their service. Never had a chance to replace or seek refund. However, as someone who wishes to see all entrepreneurs succeed, I wish that Sachin does respond to this letter. If I were in his shoes, what would I do? I have tried to jot down a letter that I would write to Sushrut. Hope Sachin does a much better job than my attempt.

    • Arun Prabhudesai

      Mukesh, I dont mind featuring that letter on trak.in, if it would be of interest to wider audience… Let me know if you think so..

      • I think it would be of interest. If you want to feature it there, pls feel free to do so. The letter is already up on my blog @ http://rmukeshgupta.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/how-can-flipkart-respond-to-the-open-letter-to-its-founder-by-a-dissatisfied-customer/. Do let me know if you post the letter.

        • An excellent, well drafted and carefully worded letter has been prepared by Mukesh. Hope Sachin takes this opportunity to enhance the image of FlipKart. The offer to send one book every month may turn out to be a bit expensive if Sushrut decides to pick costly books but even then the overall price for enhanced branding is quite negligible. The other option could be to organize a best customer feedback kind of award and organize periodic get together to give out the awards and get further branding in the process.

  124. sad to hear this, poor cust service. Thankfully have used flipkart only once so far to order a book for a cousin.

  125. bussy I used filpkart but only ordered books no I got from you to never go up on this side thanks 2 u for sharing this information with us.

  126. Thank god I haven't used flipkart till date… and now never will. I also found that Flipkart deals are not the best… even if they claim. They have good advertising though!

    • purchased with reasonable good deals for over 2 years now with nearly impeccable service(amazing turnaround, good packaging of fragile goods) but….off late customer service definitely sucks.

  127. Had a big problem on Refund with Flipkart.

  128. This is either the first sign of cracks in the processes or an aberration. If its the former, either the team is unable to handle the growth in volumes or the system of handling returns and refunds was never properly in place to start with. Is FlipKart listening or has the hubris set in?

  129. This kind of situation is not only happening online. Even in offline this is happening. Indian e-tailers and retailers should learn what is customer satisfaction. Its my opinion that everyone should not be allowed to do such kind of business. There should be some special studies to start such business. Only those who are completing the course properly should be allowed to start business. Just investments and promotions can not become innovations.

    • Dear Mr. Raza. I agree that Indian people should learn what is customer satisfaction. But tell you what, being a part of the Market, I know what I get from every thing I sell. Due to cut throat competitions, the margins are very very low. And to provide customer satisfaction in that amount, is almost impossible. Secondly in things like Laptops, electronic goods etc, in India, it is not the job of the retailer to provide after sales services. It is actually the job of the Company. So if you buy a Sony Laptop from a Retailer, the Retailer is not someone who you should ask for any kind of customer satisfaction. It is the job of Sony Service Center.

  130. Now-a-days i am facing problems in payment gateway. Out of 10 transactions 2 will be payment failure especially when they debit my account with http://www.flipkart.com instead of WS Retail. I think that’s why they came up with wallet.

  131. That’s sad to know. I had similar issue with myntra. They promise for a replacement of small size of shoe they sent. But they never replaced and their customer support is not co-operating at all. They even stopped replying my e-mail.

  132. I am surprised that you guys expect “professionalism” from any Indian company or it’s representatives. Why are your shocked and upset? I am of an extremely negative opinion about any Indian customer support. I don’t remember ANY communication of this kind end on a note that could make me happy. I may sound cynical here, but I am sure we WILL NEVER HAVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, at least in our life times! It’s inherently in our genes to be unaccountable, irresponsible, “i don’t care” kind of attitude. We are suffering here only because of one reason: and that is “no enforcement”. When the law makers and law keepers are corrupt, how do you expect anything to change! Remember, we live in a country where self-confessed thugs like Ramalinga Raju is living a luxurious life on bail! People celebrated Kalmadi’s bail – and awarded a grand home-coming for the biggest crook of our times! Is there hope? Seriously??

    • 200% agree with you, Sameer….. we have 5000 years of currupted genes/dna… it will take another 1000 years to correct ourself…. I wonder who was the fool who said in 1998 that India would be super power by 2008.

  133. very sad……..

  134. This is not just with flipkart, every private companies do the same when come with refund or replacement… Just go to consumer court… this is the best choice… i did this before with a computer store here in my area… after i send them notice, they came to my home and replaced the DVD writer… who the hell are they to use the bad words while the mistake is with them… if i was in your situation, i will beat that guy the death and take him to police (BTW my brother is IPS)… my brother say me it is totally write to beat a wrong guys…

  135. its just not flipcart, similar sort of things keep happening with almost all indian e commerce sites i have witnessed the same with naaptol & indiaplaza as well.

  136. Very Shameful to you Mr. Bansal

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