Weekly Wrap-up: FDI in LLP, SOPA & PIPA, HP Vayu, Megaupload Shutdown, Vodafone Tax Case & more..


Lets take a look at popular posts that were published on trak.in and on The Gadget Fan last week.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Auto Expo, Govt. secret memo, Single Brand Retail FDI, Telecom growth & more…

Although, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was introduced 3 years back, it has not been a popular format of company formation, but with centre now announcing 100% FDI in LLP firms, it may soon become a popular format.

This is good to hear – Indian MBA students are just not running after hefty pay packages. Over 80% of them have said in an ASSOCHAM survey that they prefer better job profiles than hefty pay packages.

Yahoo has lagged behind its peers, mostly thanks to lack of innovation within the company. They recently launched Yahoo Stars – A celebrity aggregator site. Yahoo must be commended for excellent execution and presentation of this site.

In what could be termed as first, Nokia has partnered with Indiatimes shopping to launch a ecommerce site called Nokiashop. However, it is a #fail, as the prices are much higher than other retailers like Infibeam & Indiaplaza!

SOPA & PIPA was the online buzz of last week – everyone was talking about it! Wikipedia and many prominent internet sites staged a blackout for a day to protest against these acts. Here is a video that explains SOPA & PIPA beautifully!

TRAI is coming out with directives for Telecom companies left, right & center. In yet another announcement, TRAI has not set standards on how a Telecom company should publish their Mobile tariffs, online as well as offline.

Here is a wonderful article on why some startups survive and why some of them fail!

Most of the It giants have announced their Q3 results, and based on it one can assume that Indian IT sector is heading for a slowdown in 2012.

Here is a look at India Funding Deals for the week starting 9th Jan to 15th Jan.

While some of them still use internet only for emails, many are of the opinion that Email is dying a slow death and will be obsolete soon.

HP will soon be announcing a revolutionary product that may bring internet access to millions of homes. HP Vayu, a cheap internet on TV device!

Indian Government last week released Mobile Governance Framework, which proposes to enable all public services through mobile devices next year!

There was another big news in online space last week – Shut down of Megaupload, a popular file sharing site by US Justice Department & FBI.

According to a recent survey Indians are 6th most innovative citizens across the world. They are more innovative than Britishers but lag behind their Chinese peers.

After 3 years of legal Battle, Vodafone has finally won 11000 crore tax case, which will go a long way in creating a more positive environment for more Foreign investment in India!

I am sure you have heard about one of the most viral videos on the net – Kolaveri D. Here is what make something go viral on Internet.

Here is a look at the big 5 quarter 3 earnings of India Inc.

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Auto Expo, Govt. secret memo, Single Brand Retail FDI, Telecom growth & more…

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