5 great apps for International Business Travellers!


Traveling for business is one area that requires maximum amount of information, planning and co-coordinating – whether it is bagging the best priced ticket, getting a good hotel deal, checking last minute flight cancellations, knowing how far the airport is located from your hotel or how much will a dinner for your client will cost you at a foreign destination.

Here are a few apps that will serve you well if you travel internationally for your business.



Perfect for iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms, Tripit is a free and readily available executive assistant for travel. If you’ve always ended up wasting time in sending cumbersome information such as confirmed flight numbers, taxi pick up details, terminal numbers, arrival or departure gates, frequent flyer details back home or to someone who is going to receive you, you have many reasons to rejoice.

This handy app will assimilate and collate all this information to create a master itinerary that you can share with everyone you need to.

Business Traveler’s Passport Series


No more will you have be worried about memorizing cultural codes, greeting phrases and metric scales of the country that you are going to be visiting on business. Confused about how to tip a cab driver in Malaysia? Or what business deal etiquette to follow in Japan during a tea ceremony? This paid iPhone app will make these intricacies less intimidating. The interface of this app is very text heavy. You might want to start referring to it a few days before you commence your business trip.

Around Me

around me

Around Me app is best used when you are travelling on business because of the quick and relevant search results that it can throw up. When you’re away in a foreign land on business, chances are that you may not have much time to wander off by yourself for too long. In spare time between presentations or seminars, you’d love to know which are the best places in and around your location where you can get great coffee, great shopping, hospitals, banks, gas stations and much more, wouldn’t you?

This free app will also tell you exactly how far your preferred service provider is.

Wi-fi Finder

wi-fi finder

It’s amazing how much money you can save on internet with this free iPhone app when you’re on business travel, unless of course you’re going to bill it all up to your company! You might be inviting extravagant expenses if you’ve not activated data services on your Internet carrier stick in advance.

Going manually from one spot to the other or asking around for a free wi fi zone on an airport or a café can be pretty taxing. So why not let this app come to your rescue and do the needful?

Travel Money Monkey


You were anticipating a money app to be featured on this list, weren’t you? And here it is! The edge that this paid iPhone app bears over all others is that it isn’t just a currency converting app. It covers the entire gamut of giving you the best foreign exchange rates, ordering in your currency, select your payment mode and even comparing currency rates. This could be heavenly for a business executive whose flights and itinerary is unpredictable and who doesn’t carry much foreign exchange in advance.

You could also look up health vaccination rules, visa formalities, taxi etiquette, expense reporting and a host of others things that you would encounter while you are travelling internationally for business… Sky is the limit for the variety of apps available for business travel.

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