Yahoo Stars: Well implemented Celebrity updates aggregator!


The Twitters and Facebook’s and Google Plusses of the world have made one thing simple – Fans can follow their celebrities first hand. However, in last 2 years many celebrities have joined multiple platforms making it difficult to follow your favorite celebrities on a single platform.

Yahoo has come to rescue and made it simple to follow everything that you want to know about your favourite star. Yahoo Stars, the latest initiative by Yahoo brings all Bollywood Star updates on a single platform – And it has been implemented beautifully!

Yahoo Stars

To be honest, there is absolutely nothing new about the concept – In simple words it is an aggregator or sorts that puts together tweets, pictures, videos and updates. Yahoo Stars does not produce any unique content or is not a platform for user generated content as well. Infact, is you want reply to comment on a tweet, you actually do it through Twitter itself. If anything, they have allowed commenting on a Video update.

The USP of Yahoo Stars is in the way they have presented the content – For once, I like it. They have collated the latest tweets, Videos, Pictures, Links & news from various sources and presented it beautifully in a format that will help a fan to get a single one-stop integrated view of everything regarding his / her favorite Bollywood Star.

Trending Updates

Yahoo Stars also has a functionality that will allow a fan to explicitly subscribe to updates, which will then inform as soon as a update is posted on the platform.

Akshat Kumar

Give Yahoo Stars a spin and let us know what you think about this new initiative by Yahoo India, Remember, it is still in Beta stage and probably has more in store in future. Yahoo has been lagging behind most of its peers when it comes to launching anything new – so this a welcome change from Yahoo.

  1. Pranesh Vittal says

    If anything, they have allowed commenting on a Video update.

    Yes, its possible to comment on a Video Update :-)

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