Facebook, Google warned by Delhi High Court Judge – Like China, We will block websites!


The content filtering row heats up again – A Delhi High Court Judge sent a stern warning to Social Networking site Facebook & Google to ensure checks on Objectionable material uploaded to their websites by users.


Justice Suresh Kait told both the company representatives that – “Like China, we will block all such websites” if they are unable to keep a check and remove offensive and objectionable content from their website. Very recently, similar remarks by Indian Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal had created a big uproar in media and blogging world.

In my opinion, I think there is no straight solution for this situation – These kind of “objectionable & offensive” content are going to keep popping up. And, at the same time, I do not think Google or Facebook can (at least currently) completely control such content (not because they don’t want to, but because of tech limitations).

Even representatives from Google clearly mentioned that postings of "obscene, objectionable and defamatory" articles and other things cannot be filtered or monitored. "No human interference is possible, and moreover, it can’t be feasible to check such incidents. Billions of people across the globe, post their articles on the website. Yes, they may be defamatory, obscene but cannot be checked"

However, the biggest question is – Whether Google or Facebook should be responsible for such offensive or derogatory content appearing on their website? The reason being, they are actually not the ones who create or publish it – But its their users who do it.

And, in most cases, when the websites are informed about such content, they do remove it case by case basis – But automatic filtering is just impossible.

According to me both of them are right on their part, even from Government’s perspective, such content can be very damaging and they will do everything in their power to stop it from happening.

What do you think – Do you see a solution for this problem?

  1. James Darryl says

    It's not good thing……if Google +21 social networking websites will be band by Indian government……Because It will be take very bad effect All world Internet marketing with Indian's IT sectors & I think not analyze Indian high court many Software & web expert loos her job if do this things in the future…And I think Indian high court judge and I think those person give compliment against of these websites not a Technical person……How can do this things?

  2. Art of Trading says

    This is absolutely insane! All these politician are simply worthless! Then cant even take any constructive step to build out nation more strongly, most of them are totally corrupted and now they are going to take banning measure to block social sites! I am so much disappointed by this :(

  3. James A Johnson says

    Is there any personal responsibility for the citizens of India to simply refrain from going to these sites? I don't go to violent or trashy sites don't India's citizen have a choice to simply don't go there. Why do people think because they don't like something no one else should have access. That is a common theme in America. Liberals (leftists) want to shut down radio talk shows because they conflict with their point of view. But so far the conservatives here have resisted them in congress. I have to assume with such a large population you have a complex political landscape.

  4. Asad Ali says

    Solution: Get judges who understand how technology works. It's simply stupid to judge a new world issue within an archaic law framework. Obviously there should be some responsibility on Google, Facebook etc. but that needs to be dealt with logical laws e.g. Any content that is reported offensive by total X users should be removed within 24 hours and such.

  5. vinay says

    If Govt wants to follow china .
    Than why not in Progress .
    They are running train of 500 km/hr
    and we still have 140km/hr fastest.
    so better thing is dont behave like china .
    if you want to do show the development at that level.
    if we can’t our Google . Dont even try tho think ban about technology.

  6. Raja says

    It is very difficult to monitor each and every content posted by the users. However both social networking sites and government can appoint some personnel to do the same. But this is not only a matter related with abusing the ruling congress government. It is also related with the general public. So the content which affects the general public’s sentiments should also be removed from the social networking websites.

  7. sanchita says

    Well there is no quick fix solution to the problem. However Court Warnings at least will sensitise these websites to the feelings of the indians. i mean you cannot get away with one of your user publishing obscene articles based on say Gods of various religions. the least they can do is to develop technology to somehow have a listening watch and take stringent action against the guilty. Permanent blocking of account should be the minimum punishment

  8. Asho says

    Even-though government is right, banning Google and Facebook is not a good solution… It will affect whole India… If i got doubt in my studies or anything, first thing pop up in my mind is Google… by using Google i find the solution almost instantly… So banning such a great site will affect lots of peoples, mainly students…

    Banning Google will completely collapse Indian business… Lots of indian business believes in Google…

    Indian HC should reconsider the decision…

  9. Anthony Hsiao says

    shocking. Is there no 'freedom of speech' in India? Surely if they do do that, the Government would be facing a storm of resistance, no?

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